Acquired Rapture :: misc

Iroiro: various things which don't belong anywhere else, I guess. ^_^


Accessories -- Razkil's wearable things.

Thingthongs -- His other miscellaneous belongings.

Roleplay -- Roleplaying characters

Gifts -- Thank you...

Wallpaper -- Desktop goodies


Eyechange -- how Seph changes Razkil's eyes *_*

Unstrung -- Seph's stringing process

Khairi's Faceups -- Khairi's repaints.

Specs -- Pictures of the SD13 boy, MSD boy, U-noa, Little Fair and Petite Ai bodies.

Wired -- Wiring Kamahn's legs.


Why -- The question that doesn't usually come after: OMFG, you're _insane_.

Events -- A haphazard record of Razkil's order.

Meeting for the first time -- Reaction to seeing Razkil for the first time.

The dream -- Why I'd been even more certain I wanted a SD13 boy.

Meeting Khairi for the first time -- Reaction to Khairi.

100Q for a doll owner.

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