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Razkil is an FCS F28 SD13 doll manufactured by Volks in Japan. (Yes, I'm going to explain all that--kinda.)

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The "Super Dollfie 13" is manufactured by VOLKS Inc. The "Super Dollfie 13" dolls is © Copyright Volks Inc. The eyes, and wigs, and clothing on the "Super Dollfie 13" might not be made by Volks Inc, but other respected companies/individuals.

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FCS = Full Custom Choice.
Razkil = name of SephXIII's FCS F28 SD13 doll.
SD = Super Dollfie.
SD13 = Super Dollfie 13.
Volks = a company in Japan which makes action figures, figurines, garage kits, etc. (Volks made the Hellsing action figures. *_* And the lovely Saiyuki figurines. *_*) The official Japanese website is here.

In a nutshell:
The Super Dollfie 13 (SD13) is a jointed doll made by Volks that is 22 inches tall and has 13-14 articulated points. That basically means it's a pretty large doll and has body parts like that of Pinnochio's. ^_~ The SD13 is a doll which can be customised. In fact, you're encouraged to customise it. You can change its wig, its eyes, remove its face paint when you're bored and repaint it... It's a doll with many different possible looks--and it's up to _you_ to decide what those looks will be.

A lil history:
Some time ago Volks decided to make a doll called the Dollfie. This Dollfie is about the size of a Barbie doll. And as time went by, Volks produced different types of Dollfies. There are Dollfies with body types like that of a Barbie doll, those with jointed arms and legs... Whatever type of body or head they have, the Dollfies are meant to be customised. You can paint and repaint the faces of these Dollfies. You can buy heads with no hair and root the hair yourself. You could recreate your favourite anime characters from head to toe.

Super Dollfie:
After some time (in 1998), Volks came up with the Super Dollfie (SD). These dolls are a lot different from the Dollfies in terms of size and customisation opportunities. While the Dollfies were only 22 cm in height, the SDs were 22 inches and had more articulation points. The SDs are made of polyurthane resin that can be sanded away so that you can change the features of the head of your doll and make it unique and one of a kind. ^_^ The SDs are designed to have the body of a ten-year-old, and there are a few types of bodies and heads, hands and even feet you can choose from. The big difference of the SDs from the Dollfies is the use of acrylic/glass eyes in the former. Only recently has Volks produced the Dollfie Plus, which also has empty eye wells(?) for you to insert acrylic or glass eyes. Before this, you had to paint eyes on your Dollfies.

You can buy an SD as a kit: separate body parts to assemble yourself, or you can request to have Volks assemble and paint the kits for you. Or you can buy one of the SD "models". I call them models because these are specific "types" of SDs that have been painted by Volks and come complete with certain bodies, heads, eyes, wig and makeup (no clothes though, maybe only a slip). These "models" are given the names: Megu, Nono, Sara, Kira, Rio, Kun, etc...

Mini Super Dollfie:
These are miniature Super Dollfies. They are about 16 inches tall and are the SDs little brothers and sisters. There are also many mini SD "models". Some of these models come with cat ears, or elf ears. ^_^ Cute... There are also a few non-fantasy Mini SDs: Ken, Mika, etc.

Super Dollfie 13:
The Super Dollfie 13 (SD13) is modelled after 13 year old bodies. They have one more joint from the SDs, a waist joint, and are more poseable and stand better (the guys anyway, since they don't have arched foot meant for wearing high heels). In the SD13 line are a few gorgeous boy heads. *_* Woo hoo. (Yes, I'm a fan of the boys. ^_~) The SD13s also come with eyelashes. The standard models you can purchase at any time in the Volks stores are: Link, Sara13, Kira13, etc.

Full Choice System:
To further enchance the customisation theme of the Dollfies and SDs, Volks has a Full Choice System (FCS) through which you can order your SD or SD13 doll. Through the FCS system, you select the types of heads, bodies, hands, feet, wig, eyes you want and you can have Volks paint the face to your specifications. It is only through FCS that you can get the SD13 boy heads: F27, F28 and F29. The FCS dolls take about a month to complete. You can request for your doll to be sanded (it's seams removed and sanded smooth) and coated for an extra fee. ^_^

Please take note: Volks has now introduced a new FCS system, so all heads have been renumbered and new heads have been introduced. To read more, please head to Aimee's site.

There are limited editions of the SDs, mini SDs and SD13s. These limited editions come with clothes and some accessories. A favourite of mine is the second edition Lucas or Chris who come with modern day clothes, a bag, a scarf, shoes, _socks_ (*_*) and a hat. *sigh* Some of the limited editions have special head moulds that Volks does not release as an optional body part. An example would be the Lucas head mould. While it looks like the F28, it's _not_ the same head mould as photo comparisons have shown.

A list of the limited editions SD13 boys: Lucas, Chris, Cecile, Shirou Tachibana, Tsukasa Konoe, Isao Nanjou, Tohya, Kohya.
An incomplete limited male SD list: Licht, Michael, Ken.
An incomplete mini super dollfie list: Ken, Akira, Hewitt, Enn.

School heads:
These are only available through joining some of the Volks' (courses?) in Japan. T_T There are currently two types of scool heads: A and B.

Buying your SD:
Until recently, SDs had been very hard to get your hands on. It was only through the shopping and bidding services (Crescent Trading, Celga, Rinkya) that you were able to buy items from Japan or bid on the japanese auctions. It has also only been pretty recently that the Volks American distributor (The Doll & Hobby Shop) was able to preorder quite a number of limited SDs, as well as the regular "models". The distributors as well as the shopping services are not able to get FCS orders for their customers though. And most shopping services will not be able to get limited SDs for you unless they are available in the shops or in auctions.

Luckily for us, Volks now caters to international customers. While they don't have everything in stock, at least you can get some of the standard dolls at their retail prices.

How to get an FCS doll:
You can only order your FCS doll at some of the Volks stores in Japan. R&D Fashion Dolls can get one for you when they go to Japan, and Domuya can get one for you anytime. I got Razkil through Frill Frill, but Minako tends to be a busy lady. Most of these services will require that you pay a commission rate though.

How much does a FCS doll cost?
It costs 84,000 yen, not inclusive of the 5% sales tax in Japan. Sanding is 5,000 yen extra, coating is another 3,000 yen.

Please remember that any of the shopping services or online stores that are able to order FCS for you will have higher prices that often include shipping of your FCS to them and their commission.

Details of an FCS SD13 boy order:
Please take note: this is all old info. I can't be bothered to update it right now. But I will once I have to choose the details of my new boy. ^_^;

All you have to choose is the SD13 boy body (B09). The B09 body comes complete with the arms and legs and hands and feet, so you do not have to choose them yourself. Because there is only _one_ type of SD13 body, other optional arms, legs, etc might not fit very well to the SD13 boy torso.

There are only three boy heads that were made for the SD13 boy body. F27, F28 and F29. You can use other optional heads for the SD13 body, but they tend to look small and the neck a bit too large. Of course you can customise the neck to fit by sanding it down. ^_^

Currently, there are only two skin colours available. Beauty white (SC01) like Razkil is or standard/flesh tone (SC02). The beauty white colour is paler than the flesh tone and has a yellowish tinge, compared to the pinkish one of the flesh tone. The flesh skin colour can look very pale actually, so unless you don't mind yellow, I'd suggest you go for the other skin colour.

Makeup is a bit tricker to talk about, because I am not sure what each type looks like. There is natural make up (M03), urban (gothic) make up and made up make up. ^_^; Makeup refers to the face paint. You can choose one and have the artist work at it, or you can specify the type of look you want for your boy. You can even provide pictures to show what you want your boy to look like. Of course, each artist will interpret things differently, so I'd advise you not to place too much thought on the "face" of your boy in case he does turn out a bit different. ^_^

And lastly, all you have to do is choose the wigs and the eyes you want. ^_^ The F28 head can use 16mm, 18mm and 20mm eyes. The smaller the eye size, the more white you will see. (I like Razkil in all those three sizes. ^_^)

For updated information on FCS orders, please check out Aimee's site. Information of FCS parts is under "SD Types > Full Choice System".

This info page was written with reference from Aimee's SD site. ^_^ For more information on the SDs, and all the different models, please check out Aimee's site and the FAQ from the Den of Angels.

+ For more information on the Dolffies, please visit the Volks Perfect File.

+ For the best place to get your information, head to the Volks site. ^_^ They are now in English too.

Feel free to ask me any questions not covered on this page and I'll try to answer the best I can. ^_^

For information on the U-noa Quluts, please click here.

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