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Events which led to Razkil

Chronicled below haphazardly are events which led to Razkil having the things he does, and looking the way he does. Also can be titled: Why Razkil was ordered with the things he came with. ^_^; Kept for personal reasons.

- Razkil, who was nameless for quite a long time, came to me before I went to bed. In the dream-like state I was in, he had beautiful long light hair and dark red eyes. And he told me his name... This was the morning hours after the clock struck twelve to welcome in the year 2003. It was the first of January and I woke up hours later, even more certain that I wanted to get that boy in my dream.

- By 2nd January, I had decided on the F28 head, because of Yui, and I knew I had to have a mix wine wig because of him as well. I'd also decided that I wanted my boy to have: pale skin tone, long white hair and red eyes. Then I saw a picture of silver hair and thought that it'd be cool to have silver hair like Sephiroth's from Final Fantasy VII. I'd been afraid silver wouldn't go together with the red eyes but I found a boy and remembered Kaworu from Neon Genesis Evangelion with the same colours. Oh, I also had a thing for the thin orange Zoumeikura glass eyes.

- I couldn't decide on eyelash colour and ended up choosing black. Even after that, I worried about whether black would be too dark and in the end, still couldn't decide, so black it was. ^_^;

- By 16th Feb: I'd been brainstorming because I couldn't remember the name my boy had told me in that dream. I came up with a whole lot of names and ended up with two choices I liked: Razkil and Rein/Reyn (as in 'reindeer'). I think he liked Razkil a lot more.

- Fell in love with a pair of boots and decided to splurge on my boy by buying him the pair. But the shoes were sold out. =( Luckily I saw a pair of sport shoes on a couple of SD13 boys and Tom from the DoA ml gave me a link to an eBay auction with the shoes. *_* I bought them off eBay, of course. ^_^ You can find a picture of them in the accessories section of this site.

- There was a point where I went a little crazy over eyebrows. I didn't really like the eyebrows I'd seen done by Volks on a few F28 heads in natural makeup. I wanted to specify the shape. At first I wanted Yui's eyebrows, but then thought that since my boy's makeup was natural, the eyebrows would look strange in a light colour--and I didn't want my boy to look exactly like Yui. *_* I finally found a boy with eyebrows I liked and modified the picture of them to get the right shape I wanted. The eyebrows are almost like Lucas's. *grin*

- Next was the lip colour. *_* I _had_ thought I'd be happy with a boy in natural makeup. Then I saw more dolls with the same makeup style and thought they were all right, but not "it." I didn't want my boy to end up looking like them. ^_^; And I had fallen in love with one boy's purplish lips (reminded me a bit of Alapatros') and I knew I had to specify my boy's lip colour. I was inspired to go for an "ice demon" look for my boy: silvery light eyebrows or really dark ones, pale skin and frosty blue lips. *_* But again, that would limit the "looks" I'd be able to create with him so I gave up on the idea of unique lip colours. ^_^;

- I had originally envisioned my boy as the pale waif from the dream. He was to have pale skin, pale hair, lightly-coloured lips and his red eyes. In the end, he has dark eyebrows, and pinkish lips. ^_^;; The change of makeup colour was because the natural makeup wouldn't go with many of the different looks I'd want to try on my boy; it didn't go with the different wigs I was going to get.

- The eyes I wanted had been: light grey, red, thin orange, gold, silver, and a miscellany of other colours. I want eyes which don't have whites or pupils as well one day. I'd even fallen for the green and blue-green eyes and cat eyes. I ended up ordering Razkil with the thin orange eyes and bought an extra pair of Zoumeikura red eyes (since they were available for sale. Yay!). I also bought Glastic light grey and light blue eyes, and a pair of yellow ones. I also got him a pair of Glastic Realistic grey which didn't look very grey on the site and a pair of cheap purple cat eyes cos yellow were sold out. ^_^;

- I'd wanted the short mix wine wig so badly that I had to change my boy's make up so that the wig's colour wouldn't look strange on him. I had also wanted long silver hair. I changed the silver of the long wig to pearl white (back to the dream's original colour ^_~) and ordered an extra short wig in silver. And I also got a short wig in gold. I'd orignally wanted two wigs only: a long light one and a short mix wine one. But I decided last minute I had to have a short wig in a light colour and I still wanted a silver wig so... yeah. Three wigs. The fourth (gold) was an add in which I thought I had cancelled the order for. ^_^;; Actually, I just want short wigs in just about every colour. -_- I wanted a short wig with a middle parting as well so when Dennis wanted to sell his Cecile default wig, I went for it. ^_^;

- 02 Feb 03 - ordered my boy. A day and then the next, added to the order extra eyes and wig.

- 03 Feb 03 - made Razkil my boy's official name till I got him and he decided he didn't like it. A week ago, he'd told me for sure his name was Razkil...then he kept teasing me about whether I was sure I got it right or not. T_T

- 08 Feb 03 - started on the website for Razkil.

- 15 Feb 03 - Minako ordered Razkil at the store.

- 17 Feb 03 - paid for him and all his things.

- 05 April 03 - He's here! ^o^ Pics of his arrival in the album. ^_~ Reaction to his appearance after all that fuss I'd made is here.

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