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Seph's stringing method--without a proper tool, but with thin wire. -_-
If anyone has an easier method of pulling loops through his legs and arms, do tell me.

Shots of Razkil naked and in parts and Seph's ugly foot ahead. T_T

For Marta's instructions, which I followed step by step the first time, check out the Files section in the DoA ml.

Before taking him apart.

Start off with the foot. (See how my own foot comes handy?)

I need the use of my other hand.

To insert a pen in between the loop of elastic so that I can pull off the foot.
See the hook around the string? It can be a little tough to pull off.

Finally, one foot off, the parts can be eased apart.

You unhook the other foot off and the two hands the same way.

And you will have him in pieces. -_-

These are the two knotted lengths of elastic string that hold him together.
The longer one for the legs, the shorter one for the arms.
And that small metal thing is the S hook...

You fold the long elastic string in half and put the S-hook in the middle.

Like so:

Pull the two loops through the bottom and the S hook is to sit on the two grooves at the back of the head

Something like this:

Slip the two hoops of elastic through the neck and down the torso:

Each loop of the elastic string will have to go through each leg hole...

I use a thin wire twisted around the end of one loop to pull the elastic string through the legs.

Notice how the elastic will only reach down half the thigh?

Pull the wire through the calf and get ready to pull the elastic through so that you can hook the foot onto the end.

I kinda twist the end of the wire onto something I made. It acts as a handle.

So one hand is holding onto the handle, pulling the elastic string through.
One foot is holding onto the ankle so that you can hold it down while you pull.
The other hand is ready to slip the foot's hook through the elastic when you pull it past the ankle.

Now that the foot's hook is inserted, I just twist the wire around the elastic string off and the tension of the elastic will snap the foot in place. *_*

Repeat for the other leg and then we move onto the hands.

You use the wire to pull the other knotted elastic through from one side to the other to get:
The knot is actually a bit hard to get through. *_*

Then just repeat the procedure with the foot for the hands.

And finally, you shall have your baby all strung together. ^_^

I know I probably don't do this properly. Any better suggestions all welcome! ^o^

Please? T_T

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