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Name: Razkil
Type: Volks FCS SD13 F28
Skin Color: White (SC-01)
Eyes: Zoumeikura #18 thin orange glass eyes (GE-18) in 18mm
Wig: W27-C13 (pearl white)
Currently using: Cassiel's Short Punk
Makeup: by Tasha/Alishia

Birthday: 05 April 2003

Personality: Razkil is a quiet person who would like those he cares about to be happy. He does not like conflicts and is always torn between the ones he loves. ^_~ Being everyone's favourite, he's rarely alone and always has someone looking out for him; and when he feels confused, he looks to any of us to help clear matters up.



Name: Feynlen
Usually known as: Feyn
Pending Type: Kęsh *modified Volks SD13 Kohya
Eyes: Glastic Light Blue in 16mm
Wig: Acquire Rhian in dark purple
Makeup: By SephXIII

Birthday: 08 January 2005

Personality: Feyn has claimed Kęsh as his face--for now. Eclectic in personality and dress-sense, he's Kamahn and Khamiel's enemy. He'll chirpily tell you that they hate him with a passion. Feyn usually has a pleasant disposition, despite how his Kęsh looks, and he can be quite amiable when he wants to be. He's also shown to have quite a bit of temper, and enjoys his bouts of morose self-pity.



Name: Silren
Type: Volks SD13 Seirei Sakaki
Eyes: Schwarzaugen Fancy Spring Green in 16mm
Wig: Acquire Sharon in Maroon+White
Makeup: by SephXIII
Previously: Imai Go Guy Head #2

Birthday: 25 Sept 2003 / 16 April 2005

Personality: Silren is usually very quiet and seems happy to let Ferrahn, and everyone else, push him around. He usually isn't comfortable asserting his presence. When given a choice, it'll always be Razkil for Silren. Like Razkil, he doesn't know how to deal with conflicts and would rather everyone be happy. His only decision that affected everyone was his want for a bigger shell, rather than his Go Guy one.



Name: Kamahn
Type: Volks MSD Hyuui (Hewitt)
Wig: Acquire Rhian in dark brown
Makeup: by Tasha/Alishia

Birthday: 12 January 2004

Personality: Kamahn is someone who joined us (very reluctantly) because his beloved companion had decided to join our family. The companion does not have his shell yet, but his decision to join us is something that Kamahn is bitter and angry about. He is not willing to like any of us and tells us he hates us all the time, but deep down, we think he's just lonely.



Name: Variq
Sometimes known as: Vahri
Type: Volk FCS F22 SD boy
Eyes: HG Vermillion B eyes in 20mm
Wig: Leeke ??
Makeup: By Volks (details by SephXIII)

Birthday: 14 February 2006

Personality: Variq was a nameless boy Feyn remembered he had forgotten about. He keeps to himself and tries not to be noticed. Variq tries to follow Feyn everywhere and prefers to be left alone by everyone else. Most of the time, we forget he's even there since he keeps himself distanced and just out of earshot. When forced to participate in games, he tries to say and do as little as possible.

unseen yet not unknown



Name: Ferrahn
Type: Volks Neo Go Guy
Head: Neo Go Guy head #1 (extra rooting by Nat)
Makeup: by Nat of Milkshake Melody

Birthday: 16 Oct 2003

Personality: Ferrahn is an arrogant cat who found himself in our company. He's playful, dominant, selfish, promiscuous... He likes to create trouble when it amuses him, but when things backfire on him, he withdraws. While he pretends that nothing can bother him, Ferrahn feels deeply. His withdrawals seem to be his way of coping with things he can't handle or can't seem to find an answer to. When he doesn't want to be alone, he tends to look for physical comfort.



Name: Luthien
Type: Volks Neo Go Guy
Head: Go Guy head #3
Makeup: by Tasha/Alishia
Birthday: 24 July 2004

Personality: Luthien and Evien are two who decided to move in when Seph had two Neo Go Guys to spare. Luthien decided to join us because in this new existence he would no longer be blind. He keeps himself aloof and only joins in when he thinks the situation will amuse him. He tends to amuse himself in ways that no one else appreciates. He makes sure that we know he's callous and nasty and has no regard for any of us. It's unsure whether he's really happy with what he is right now.



Name: Evien
Type: Volks Neo Go Guy
Head: Go Guy head #3
Makeup: by Tasha/Alishia

Birthday: 24 July 2004

Personality: Evien and Luthien are two who decided to move in when Seph had two Neo Go Guys to spare. Evien came because Luthien came; they've always been together and tend to see themselves as a whole rather than two separate individuals. Evien has always blamed himself for being the cause of Luthien's blindess back where they were. He doesn't have that much of an affection for his Neo Go Guy body and doesn't play with it that much.



Name: Errand
Type: TY Beanie Baby rat
Eyes: Default black
Whiskers: Default brown

Birthday: December 2002

Personality: Errand's very protective of Razkil and sees himself as Razkil's personal guardian. He's quite senstive and can be a real pest. And he doesn't like cats. As such, Silren is the only other person besides Razkil whom he willingly spends time with. Errand sees himself as someone who's always wronged. He likes to take comfort in Razkil whom he feels treats him without bias. He strongly dislikes being called a rat, and has a fear of being eaten.



Name: Shy   (usually, lil evil)
Type: Volks Mini Dollfie E, prerooted head.
Makeup: by Tasha/Alishia
Previously: Easter Friar, CH Petit Ai

Birthday: 01 May 2004

Personality: Razkil thinks he's harmless, while Seph is very sure he's Satan's little minion (his son even). Lil evil won't "talk" to anyone but a select few, it seems. As far as we know, he makes those he talks to uneasy. He usually only hisses and snarls and giggles. Shy was created by Feyn to help keep an eye on Kamahn, but when he was broken, Feyn never did--never could fix him. He's been gone for a long time now, and Razkil still hopes he will come back to us.

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