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Meeting For The First Time

My reaction to my first meeting with Razkil... If you'd like to see the pics of his arrival, they're in the album. Otherwise, this is where I talk about what I thought of him and the work Volks had done on him. ^_^

The Face

When I first saw him, I was awed by how perfect he looked. While he was still in his box, the first thing I did was touch his face. It was lovely. He was so small and everything was so well painted. I'm utterly thankful that he turned out to be perfect. I'd been afraid that I'd open the box and see another boy whose expression was not the Razkil in my mind. ^_^;

His eyebrows were _perfect_. They weren't the colour I'd really wanted, but the shape was close enough. And the shading around his eyes... And the painting of the bottom eyelashes... Perfect. ^_~ I noticed that his face paint was done to match perfectly with the thin orange eyes I'd ordered him with. He has amazingly detailed eyebrows, and delicate blushing around the eyes and the sides of the face. The only thing that marred him was the fact that his eyelashes were too black. If only I'd let the makeup artist choose the eyelashes, then I'm pretty sure all the colours on Razkil's face would blend together even more perfectly. Yes, the key word for today is _perfect_. ^_~

The blushing around his eyes is not even; there's more on the left side than on the right. Nor is the blushing on the sides of his face even, but it's not something that screams at you and stands out. I'm not saying he should be 100% symmetrical, nor do I expect him to be, but it's just a cute thing to notice about him. And he seems more humanised this way. *grin*

I'd wanted a more pinkish natural colour for his mouth, but it turned out more orange-peachy, which again, goes with his whole face paint. The painting of his mouth wasn't as defined as I'd wish, and up close, you can see that the colour wasn't done evenly. In fact, I'm not sure if it's the colour or the scuplting of his lower lip that isn't even. On a closeup of his face, it's definitely the paint that makes the bottom lip seem uneven, but I'll only really know once I remove the paint. *_* Something which I won't do for a long time to come.


The Body

Oh, I thought the body was perfect as well! *laughs* The nipples, the ribs, the belly button, his little boy... But goodness was he _heavy_!

I've never had anything like him and his joints! I didn't know how to handle the joints at all, and he kept creaking when I moved the arms and legs in wonder. The creaking, I was told, was his coating and now that coating has come off those joints due to my contantly moving them up and down, he doesn't creak anymore.

He's so poseable... Tilting his head up and down and to the sides is still a bit awkward for me, as I don't know how--where--to hold to move it around. Even moving his joints had been a little awkward. I hadn't expect him to creak and had been a little afraid to handle him. And he was so heavy I had felt so clumsy. But I'm getting used to moving his arms and legs now. He was stiff in the beginning, but after having to restring him recently, he's not as stiff anymore.

He won't hold some poses I'd like so I'm going to wire him once I feel confident enough.

There is a little dot of red paint on his right arm when I got him though. It doesn't appear in photos, but it's there all the same. And I noticed that the back of one of his thighs was a little dirty, but that can be wiped away with water easily. There's also a tiny little chip on his elbow joint, but that can probably be sanded away easily. Thank goodness nothing on his face was chipped or scratched. *_*

To conclude

My first super dollfie and it was as much as--and more than I'd expected. I'm extremely pleased with the Volks makeup artist's paint job on him. I'd only ever want to change the paint on his mouth, but would like to keep everything else as it is. The day I'd have to repaint him would be a sad one indeed. T_T

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