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The MSD body is crafted in such a way that sitting is either leaning back on their hands, or being propped up against something. Unlike the Unoa which have a sort of wedge at the back of their thigh joints to facilate holding the thighs in a 90 degree angle to the torso, the MSD thighs are all smooth. Sitting upright unaided is not a possibility at all. -_- A body that isn't able to sit up straight is pretty much useless--and pathetic. So we got out our coated wire and wired Kamahn's body.

No pictures of the process as yet. But here's a brief description. Unstring the body, cut a length of coated wire that will go up through one ankle up through the legs up through the bottom torso, across it, and then down the other leg to the other ankle. The coated wire doesnt have to reach down all the way to the ankles--halfway through the calf is good too. Bend the coated wire in half (it's look like an upside down V) and insert it through the bottom torso from the top so that each end of the wire goes through each hole. (Can you picture that?) And now, you begin stringing. Pull the elastics through the bottom torso. And before you string the thighs, make sure the coated wires are through them already. You don't want to squeeze the wire through the thighs with the elastics already in place, you want to pull the elastic through the thigh past the wires. Get it? I'd love to take pics, but I am _not_ going to take Kamahn apart anytime soon. -_-

Take note: I do not use a stringing tool. It will not go through the legs with the coated wire in them. I use a thin wire and pulled the elastic through. One more thing: I do not string the arms the way the instructions booklet instructs how to. I string the way I string the main body. (For stringing instructions, go here. Take notice that the way I use the wires with Razkil and Kamahn are different too. ^_^;

After being wired, here's what Kamahn can do:

Kamahn: I'm not standing straight.
Seph: The point is, your legs are one before the other and you're still _standing_.

Seph: you can stand with your feet together pretty well.
Kamahn: Tie up my hair.

Seph: And look. You can sit upright. *happy sob*
Kamahn: My hair...
Seph: Hold on...let's show everyone a pose.

Seph: Oh just look at that. Back up, one leg slightly up... T__T
Kamahn: You're impressed with yourself, aren't you?

Kamahn: What am I doing?
Seph: That's you leaning forward. Hold on...

Seph: There, this pic shows the position better.
Kamahn: It's not much. Now tie my hair!

Seph: Right, hair tied back. Here's Kamahn leaning forward trying to reach his toes.

Kamahn: Are we done?
Seph: Erm...yeah.

Kamahn: It's too bright.
Seph: That's where hair covering your eyes come in handy. =P

Seph: Whee! He's walking forward!
Kamahn: I thought we were done!

Seph: Woo hoo! Standing with feet pushed apart!
Kamahn: . . .

Kamahn: Change me out of these pants.

End comments: The ankles suuuuuck. -_- Kamahn is as tightly strung as I'd want him--any tighter and there will be no way I'll be able to string him at all. When you stand him in a postion you want, it's all up to the ankles to hold that pose for you. And there isn't enough friction around the ball joint of the ankle to keep the foot still. I'm sure sueding him will solve the problem, but I do not like the thought of glueing suede on any part of him.

Plus, with coated wire through the knees, you will find that when bent, the wires will not unkink as much as you want, so when you're standing him, you'll have to straighten out the knees yourself. Standing is otherwise easy, and all would be well if the foot would keep still around the ball joint! -_-

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