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100Q For A Doll Owner

( Questionnaire translated by JoAnn. )

Updated: 05 Sept 2003

Part I

General stuff:

1. What is your name and birthdate?
Seph, formally SephXIII. 11 July. (I'd like a gift for Razkil please. Anything. ^_~)

2. How long have you been interested in dolls?
Since 31st December 2002 / 1st January 2003.

3. How many SD dolls do you have?
One. *grin* And in the future, one more.. Or two, maybe. -_-
I also have one Sist (U-noa Quluts). ^_^

4. What is the name(s) of your doll(s)?
Razkil and Khairi

5. What type of SD do you have?
FCS F28 SD13 boy (and Sist U-noa Quluts).

6. Do you believe in Fate?

7. Who is the manufacturer of your doll(s)?
Volks (and Alchemic Labo).

8. What was your first reaction when you saw your SD for the first time?
Razkil was beautiful--perfect.

Khairi was sooo small and sooo light! *laughs*

9. Have you shown your doll off at a Doll Show?
No access to them since they're in Japan.

10. Which do you prefer? Commercial SDs (such as Kyon customed dolls) or Customizing your own SD?
While the commercial SDs are great (the accessories! the accessories!!), the FCS is definitely the way to go if you want a specific look. Unless a commercialised version is a look you want. ^_~ Obviously, if I could customise dolls, I wouldn't hanker over the already customised ones. -_-

In the Unoa's case, assembled and painted! Because Gentaro Araki does the best work!

11. How do you feel about Commercial SDs?
T_T I want the clothes. T_T The clothes. T_T The shoes. Yes, the accessories, mainly. *sigh*

12. Did you create a personality/background for your doll(s)?
No, I didn't. Razkil created himself. From his name to the things he says and does. I _do_ have a feeling he was influenced by a few persons I know... I don't really know about his background. He's someone who happened to come to me and claimed the physical form of a doll. I'd have to ask him--if he knows anything...

In Khairi's case, he has no personality, because no one ever moved into him, and so he's empty.

13. What type of relationship do you have with your doll (eg. beloved daughter, friend)?
He's a friend of mine, another of my beloved. He's someone who loves me as much as I love him. ^_~

Poor Khairi was meant to be for Draven to use now and then. As it is, he's just a toy we play with. -_-

14. Does your SD have a nickname?
He's just called Razkil. Not Raz, or Kil or whatever to me. *_* Other people do have nicknames for him, which is fine with me since it's their personal nickname for him. *laughs*

Khairi's again just Khairi to me. ^_^

15. What special meaning does your doll's name have?
*laughs* It doesn't mean a thing. But it was a variation of a name I liked. Luckily Razkil liked it as well. Khairi was given the name Khairi because I wanted to name a kitten that, but my brother wanted to name the kitten Lock instead. ^_~ So I named my little Sist Khairi because it's always been one of my favourite names. ^_^

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