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Seph's eyechanging method--with Blu-tack (r).
For those of us who like pictures with instructions. ^_^

Blurry shots of the back of Razkil's head ahead.

This is what I use: Bostik's blu-tack. You can buy it in stationery stores/sections. ^_^

This is how much I use. I've got to tell you that I actually should add a little more to it.
But I'm usually too lazy to add more since the pack's usually not nearby when I'm changing eyes. ^_^;

See, that's how little I'm using. ^_^;;

You roll it and then stick it onto the eye like so:

A note: It usually comes off the glass eyes easily. But don't worry about it.

Have it on the eye and then position your eye in the socket.
And "mould" the blu-tack onto the back of the eyes and the resin of the head.
The eye will stay perfectly fine especially since the back of the glass eyes aren't so smooth.
(See image below. ^_~)

I usually have Razkil facing me so that I can see how his eyes are being positioned.
So the moulding of the blu-tack when his eye is in place is done blindly and by touch. ^_^;
To check and see if the eye's firmly in place, I tend to give the front of his eye a little push to see if it will give. ^_^
Yes, I am literally poking him in the eyes. -_-

. . .

This is another method I've tried, but don't really like.
That is, I've not perfected it yet. ^_^

You place rolls of blu-tack onto the back of the eye socket and then just place the eyes onto it.

This is harder to do as when you squeeze the eyes close to the eye holes, the blu-tack tends to get in the way--is too thick, etc. There is less control, unless you know exactly how much and exactly where to put the blu-tack onto the back of the eye sockets.

So here's Razkil with his eyes in place in less than three minutes. ^_^

Have fun changing eyes! ^o^

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