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I'm going to ramble about how my obsession with the SD13 boys came about.
If you still have no idea what an SD13 boy is, check out the info page. ^_^


When I told my friends that I was going to buy myself an SD13, the most common response after hearing how much he was going to cost had been: "OMFG. You're INSANE." There were a couple of people who asked me if I needed to see a doctor, or if I hadn't taken my medication. Those who knew me for the weird things I'd do and buy and collect and what not, took it all in without really blinking very much after hearing the price tag involved. (Oh all right, so the eyes did widen, and eyebrows did rise. *grin*)

The reason I'd given for wanting an SD13 boy, on a superficial level, had been: He's _beautiful_. And most people accept that reason along with the knowledge that I'd lost what little I had of my brain in the first place. ^_~

But no, it wasn't _entirely_ that which made me decide I needed to have an SD13 boy of my own. Though you can't dispute the fact that they _are_ beautiful.

How can you explain the moment you fell in love--why you fell in love? How can you describe what made you decide you're in love? Had it been the tears in your eyes, the knowledge that your breath was caught in your throat and that your heart was swelling with want and need?

I can't explain very well myself _why_. But I know how I knew I'd love my SD13 boy and not grow bored with him after a few months...

I've always had a fear of dolls, thanks to the movie "Child's Play" with that horrible doll Chucky. Anyone who's seen Chucky will probably understand my fear of dolls. I've also never liked those dolls with the blue eyes and eyelids that will close when they are laid on their backs. I _still_ don't like dolls--other than my Barbies and a few select ones. But the boys, the boys... The lovely SD13 boys...

Simple Beginnings:
In the year 2002, on New Year's Eve, a friend of mine (heya, Obi-chan!) sent me a link to an extremely beautiful doll--an SD13. It was a link to Aisha's Daughters site. Chris took my breath away with his ethereal beauty and Alapatros just made me collapse at the sight of his beauty and perfection. The next site I visited was Aimee's and her Lucas was just gorgeous. Then I discovered that even Cassiel (her many sites long well known to me) had two of these SD13 boys.

Links and many boys later, I decided that I had to have a boy of my own. I came to the decision the moment I realised that my eyes were filling with tears and my heart was swelling with some unknown emotion at the beauty of these boys. And the fact that these SD13 boys could very well portray the many characters I've always played with in my head enhanced their beauty and possiblities even more.

In the strange realm we're often in when we're about to fall asleep, I had a dream--a vision?--of an SD13 boy. _My_ SD13 boy. And I knew for sure that I really wanted him. It didn't take very long, did it? When I woke up, it was back to looking at SD13 sites. By the end of the day, I'd decided which boy head I wanted, and in the next, I'd already asked a friend to lend me his digicam when my own boy arrives. *grin*

So there you have it. My amazingly quick trip into the SD13 road of no return.

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