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Mad Tea PartyMad Tea Party - This is home to Joel, a beautiful and intriguing F28 boy. His site is beautifully designed and his photos are beautiful as well! A must visit! ^o^

MarionetteMarionette - Home to Jen's lovely F29 boy Kou. *_* He's gorgeous. A must visit! ^o^

MelancholyMelancholy - This is Andrea's site for her F08 Liune. ^o^ The site's in Spanish only. ^_^

Milkshake MelodyMilkshake Melody - Nat's wonderful site with many many lovely customised Dollfies. She also has a sexy SD Unoss which she cutomised and a Megu boy. ^_^

MistulaMistula - This is site for Uno (Tsukasa) and Manx (Delf Lishe). They currently model for the band of the same name. ^_^ Uno's interesting blog can be found here.

Mollie's DolliesMollie's Dollies - Mollie has a Customhouse Ai limited Jun and an SD Megu. ^_^

Muted HitokiriMuted Hitokiri - This is Annika's site for her F29, Shirou and Hewitt. ^o^ She only has some photo stories with them up though. *grin*

No GentlemenNo Gentlemen - Leigh's site for her beautiful Shikai (F28), Vikas (BF Jerome) and Jinsei (Ricky Bermont head). *grin* They share a photolog here.

Ou PhrontisOu Phrontis - This is site to lovely Lawrence, Erin's F16 boy. ^_^ Erin's created the loveliest room for him.

PierrotPierrot - This is Megan's site, home to a beautiful F29 called Allistaire. Just click on the link if you don't believe me. ^_^

Pixie DustPixie Dust - This is Heather's site for Pixie (a Nono) and Arien (Dean). She also has a pocket fairy and and elfdoll.

RainbowRainbow - This is Ai's Spanish site for her Nono Avril! ^_^ I love the pictures of Avril with the bunny. ^_^

RecollectionRecollection - Wonderful site with beautiful dolls. TaeHan (Syo), HyunLim (Lucas), Kayla (F08) and SaHyun (Kawaiinino Iz) are all gorgeourly painted by Doya. *_*

Rose RougeRose Rouge - This is Miva's lovely site for her 1/6 boys and girls. *_* I enjoy her work a lot. ^o^

Sarsar BlankiSarsar Blanki - Blanki's cute site with gorgeous girls! She makes lovely outfits as well! *_*

Seraph ProgramSeraph Program - Valentine's site for her CH Ai boys Vincynt and Justyn, her Slyvie and her Syo. ^_^

Sink Into DreamSink Into Dream - Anika's site for her F28 Ioan, her F04 and F09 girls by the names of Una and Annwyn! ^o^ She also has a sexy Lusis, orgasmic Shiwoo Elf and more. ^o^

Small WonderSmall Wonder - This is home to Shiina (Hewitt) and Michelle (MSD FCS 10). They are both adorable beyond words! *_* Lots of wonderful pictures and information can be found here. ^_^

StarShip AngelsStarShip Angels - Home to Azel (Little Fair Dana) and Aron (Blue Fairy Jerome). They're both really cute. ^_^

Sweet MioSweet Mio - Mio is a cute girl who lives in France.

Sweet ReverieSweet Reverie - Deb's site with an F09 boy Damien, and two adorable mini SD twins.

Sweet TranceSweet Trance - This is Lily's website for her MSD Mika hybrid Rhialyn. ^_^ Rhia's adorable! *laughs* And Lily makes her the cutest things to wear. ^__^

TangledTangled - Djinn and Mae's site for their two F28 boys Tsukisou and Seishurou. It's become one of my favourite places to visit. Check out the cosplay section! *_*

The LoftThe Loft - This is Mercy's site for Dylan (a Shirou) and Eve (a Slyvie). ^_^ A site with a lot of amazing props and outfits. ^o^

The VioletFernThe VioletFern - An utterly breathtaking site made up of beautiful photos of beautiful Delf Soos and Els. Inspiring, and despairing at the same time. *laughs* I wish for my boys to be in pictures as beautiful.

TrueColorsTrueColors - Indego's site for her CH Ai Gene Tetus and El Elf Frayne. ^o^ Lots of photostories and pics to check out. ^o^

Vivid ColoursVivid Colours - This is Mae's site for her D.O.D Yen boy Kierran! ^o^ He's adorable! *laughs*

Unoa DreamUnoa Dream - Jujube's site for her lovely lovely Unoa. ^o^ The Unoa Love Doumei is here.

Waste of SpaceWaste of Space - Home to a Blue Fairy Jerome called Oska. Wonderfully customised, he has awesome clothes, and I like him. *grin*

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