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Angel BaseAngel Base - Home to 5 gorgeous boys (Lucas, Licht, Micheal, Chris, Cecile) and 4 lovely girls (Kira, Megu, Leona, F04 Summer)!

Angelic LandAngelic Land - Beautiful, beautiful pictures of a good mixture of different dolls. ^o^ The site owners have a clothes shop too. ^_^

angelificatusAngelificatus - This is Mia's site for her beautiful dolls. Usually one of a kind. ^_~

animus benignusAnimus Benignus - This is Heather's site for her Shiwoo Delf Kaarl~! ^o^ Quite new~! Go visit and say hi to Kaarl! ^_^

Bad ChildBad Child - Pee's site for her Keaton (Bratz Boyz), Kimmy (Angelregion Litte Fair Bada) and two Bratz girls. I've got a soft spot for little Keaton. ^_~

Bloody CherryBloody Cherry - Kiri's site with a cute Ryo, F29, Blythes and 1/6 dolls. There's a shop section as well.

By ChescaBy Chesca - This is Chesca's site for her lovely dolls and the outfits she makes them. ^_^ SThere are beautiful dolls and outfits to look at, so what are you waiting for? (Site is mostly Korean.)

By the Oak TreeBy The Oak Tree - Jem's site for her lovely 3rd Chris Viktor! ^o^ A must visit, because I'm so proud of this boy I act like I own him. *laughs*

Children of IchoriaChildren of Ichoria - A site for the characters in her novel for Nanowrimo, currently, there's only Valerius, a Seimei head. Similar to an F28, with noticable differences. Interesting, really.

DaughtersDaughters - Aisha's F29 boy Alapatros is the one I'll always be in love with. She also has a Chris, Shirou, a Lucas, a Luts Chiwoo, Unoa Sist and Lusis and lots more! ^o^

DekadenzuDekadenzu - This is Rhian's site for her beautiful Sadame. He's an F28 and he's _perfect_. ^_^ In other words, just visit him! ^o^

Den of AngelsDen of Angels - The Volks Super Dollfie place to go to for all your information needs. The forum, or rather, the mailing list is also the place where it all began.

Doll RaphsodyDoll Raphsody - This is a Spanish site, home to a cute little Nasia called Demens. ^_^

Dollfie HavenDollfie Haven - Sam's site for Damien (Delf Chiwoo), Dragan (Lucas), Sea (Hewitt) and Sky (Tsubaki)! The boys are sooo cute! I love the photo stories. ^o^

DollseyeDollseye - This is Jesse's site for her Unoss, Unoa, Lucas, CH Gene and gang. ^_^ She takes beautiful pictures!! *_*

Dragon's NestDragon's Nest - This site is home to Tom's Cecile, Kit. Kit has the most amazing props!! Once he's a squire with armour, then a skateboarder (wannabe) and then a biker! *laughs* Tom also has two other boys, Aaron (F28) and Bastian (F29)! ^_^

DreamsDreams - Isa's site for her F08 girl Kida and F28 boy Oliver. Kida's so adorable and Oliver is gorgeous! ^_~ Isa also knits and has some things up for sale. ^_^

Dreams in PlasticDreams in Plastic - Nicneven is an Elf Soo. Lots of pictures and photo stories. ^o^

DSF DesignsDSF Designs - Dennis has Nils an F28, Jo a Michelle and Selma an F04. He also takes faceup commissions! ^_^

Dying BreedDying Breed - Home to an F29 called Kaien. ^o^ Wonderful site design. The boy is lovely too! *grin*

Eron's SiteEron's Site - Come meet cute lil Eron~! He's an MSD Tsubaki who has quite a lot of adventures. *laughs*

Eternal TiesEternal Tie - Zombor's site for her Shirou Noah, Akira Kieran, CH Ai Aria, BF Junigatsu and Tsukasa Kakeru! *grin*

Fallen from BriahFallen from Briah - Cassiel's F28 and F29 boys Mikael and Zafkiel are lovely. *grin* The photo stories with the two of them are always amusing. And yes, if you're a shounen-ai fan, you have to visit the boys. ^_~

GentlenessGentleness - This is Shadow's site for her Happydoll boy Sariel. She'll soon have a painted Unoa called Kiyoshi on the site too. ^_^

GleeGlee - Nett's site for her cute Finn (DOD Yen) and Xoe (DOD Mir). ^o^ Check out her site for pics~!

Illness IllusionIllness Illusion - Alishia is a great customiser of dolls! Her F28 boy Aiden, F29 Hyde, her Unoss Morrigan, her Unoa Nena and other girls are all soo gorgeous! ^o^

Imp!Imp! - This is Mars (Lisa Dragon)'s site for Rathi, a Little Fair Dana. ^_^ Rathi's the sweetie who was with us for a while.

JujubeJujube - Jujube's F28 Christophe, Revianos (Syo), Adriga (Shiwoo elf) are lovely. *_* I adore looking at her boys and girls! *laughs*

Koalajoe DollhouseKoalajoe Dollhouse - PJ's site for her dolls! ^o^ Her stuff's cute and mostly 1/6.

Little BoxLittle Box - This is Kim's site for Rui (msd ken), En (FCS F16) and Airi (petite ai). ^o^

Little CarrotLittle Carrot - This is Rhanee's site for her DOD Yen boy Taro! ^o^ Will be home to quite a few other boys in the future. ^_~ She has a shop section Razkil modelled for! ^o^

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