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Japanese Links

Blueberry CottonBlueberry*Cotton - Oh, the boys here are lovely. *hearts* I adore Aoi's colouring and overall look. The photo stories are lovely and can be very amusing! A must visit!

Caress of VenusCaress of Venus - Yui was the one who made me decide for sure I wanted an F28. Hijiri the school head and You the F27 boy are both lovely as well. Lovely photos and photo stories.

CarreteCarrete - Home to the two twin F29 heads. They're both too adorable to be true and their photo stories are so cute. ^o^ I adore all the accessories they own!

Loyal BeasTLoyal BeasT - Ah, I have to admit, I adored Lune's (F28) colours. His eyebrows were too lovely and I had Razkil's modeled after his. ^_~ The photographs on this site are lovely. And I wish there were more pictures! There are also more dolls on the site. *grin*

Real Missing LinkReal Missing Link - This is Natsume's site and it has a lot of unusual customised doll heads! You have to go look at them! ^_^

SolariumSolarium - Louis, the repainted Lucas and Erik, the school head takes my breath away. There is something about Louis' expression that makes me want to kidnap and love him! I want more pics!!

Where to get:

Volks Inc - The official Volks website. Check out the site for info on the SDs, Dollfies or whatever Volks products you might be interested in! ^_^

Volks Online Shop - Anything with the IMOS button next to it can be ordered by overseas customers!

Mac Creative - This site has _lovely_ eyes. *grin* I'm in particular, a fan of the Glastic eyes. ^_^ I'd love to own a pair of the Gothic and Candy eyes one day...


Links to English sites here.

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