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Seph finds Ferrahn alone and pounces on the chance
to ask him why he had been spoiling for a fight a few days ago.

Seph: Hey you.

Seph: So...what's been bugging you?

Ferrahn: Why should anything be 'bugging' me?
Seph: . . . you really want me to answer that?

Ferrahn: Just because you think there's something wrong, it doesn't meant that there is.
Seph: So we're all very happy today? And we were very happy the day you threw the small glasses at Shy?

Ferrahn: Scratch my ear.
Seph: I know you're trying to change the topic.

Ferrahn: Mmm... *purrs*
Seph: *grin*
Ferrahn: Scratch the other ear too.

Ferrahn: *purrs loudly*
Seph: All right, enough petting. So, what's up?

Ferrahn: Hm?
Seph: Hm?? Well???

Ferrahn: Is it lost?
Seph: . . .

Ferrahn: Though maybe you'd planned for it to take so long anyway.
Seph: Hey!! What are you saying?!

Ferrahn: My hair is a mess.
Seph: Hey! Don't try to change the topic! What are you trying to say?!
Ferrahn: Oh, I don't know. Let's see, if Razkil doesn't get his head back, you won't be buying any new bodies...
Seph: For your information, I don't have the money for any new bodies, Razkil's head be back or not.
Ferrahn: Oh yes, how could I forget the things you've been wasting your money on.
Seph: . . .

Ferrahn: So when _is_ his head coming back?
Seph: -_- I honestly don't know.

Ferrahn: *snarl* We're a bit tired of waiting.
Seph: Yeah, I know. -_-
Ferrahn: You're not going to do anything about it?
Seph: There's nothing I can do but hope for the best. -_-
Ferrahn: . . .

Ferrahn: . . .
Seph: Is he worried?
Ferrahn: Don't you usually keep up to date with everything?
Seph: . . . I don't really want to talk about it, you know.
Ferrahn: No. I guess not.
Seph: . . .
Ferrahn: . . .

Ferrahn: I'd better go check up on Silren.
Seph: Ah yeah. Good idea. If even _you_ are worried, he's probably having it worse. -_-
Ferrahn: Who said I was worried?
Seph: Er...yeah, okay, you weren't. You were just...
Ferrahn: Just nothing.
Seph: Right.

Seph: Sometimes, being oblivious like Khairi usually is isn't such a bad thing afterall.

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