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Ferrahn: There you are. I'd thought you'd be with Razkil in the room.

Ferrahn: Didn't I tell you not to go off alone without telling me first?
Silren: I forgot.
Ferrahn: Try to remember next time. With that midget around, who knows if you went off somewhere or disappeared.
Silren: Sorry.

Ferrahn: Are you all right?
Silren: . . .

Ferrahn: Let me guess: you're thinking about what I told you not to think about.
Silren: . . . no . . . I . . .
Ferrahn: *hiss*

Ferrahn: I've told you time and time again not to worry about it!

Silren: . . . I can't help it.
Ferrahn: Yes, you can!
Silren: . . .

Ferrahn: Though...

Silren: ?

Silren: Ferrahn? What is it?
Ferrahn: . . . lately, I've been wondering if maybe we _should_ worry...
Silren: . . .
Ferrahn: . . .
Silren: really think so?

Ferrahn: I know most of us don't keep time the way Seph does. But even so, hearing 'soon' every week is beginning to feel like 'never' now.
Silren: Never?
Ferrahn: Well, not never. But just not her 'soon', whenever that is.

Ferrahn: I'm sure it'll get here...some day.
Silren: . . .
Ferrahn: . . .

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