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Lil Evil

Seph: I don't think I like his wig. -_-
Razkil: But you said it's nice and soft.
Seph: The stupid thing won't stay on his head. -_-
Draven: Go change his stupid eyes already.
Seph: Yeah, okay.
Draven: Try Kamahn's red eyes in him!
Seph: Er...let's have him looking somewhat normal first. ^_^;
Razkil: Red eyes aren't normal? *smiles*
Seph: Not usually. ^_~

Seph: What do you you guys think?
Razkil: I'm glad they fit.
Seph: So do I, but we don't have a lot of 16mm eyes we can use. -_-
Draven: Why don't you put his wig on?
Seph: So that you can see it slowly floof off his head and fall off? =P
Draven: I find it amusing. Do you have a problem with that?
Seph: T_T No no. I don't. T_T

Seph: Oh look, pretending to be cute and innocent. *snorts*
Razkil: . . .
Seph: Haha! We know what you really are, lil evil. So don't look so. =P
Draven: *laughs*
Seph: What? =P

Seph: Ew. I don't like how wigs look on him. -_-
Razkil: *smiles at Shy*
Shy: *coos*
Draven: *snorts* It's not like they fit anyway.
Seph: Yeah. Troublesome kid. -_-

Seph: Hohohoho! This is proof! He just needs funny looking hair!
Shy: *smiles*
Draven: He looks stupid. Change wigs.
Seph: I think he looks fine. =P
Draven: It's going to fly off his head any second now, change it.
Seph: -_- That's it. I think he'll just be bald for now. I'm gonna change his eyes too. I don't like the green so much.
Draven: Put his wig back on too.

Seph: There! Eyes changed, wig back on!
Shy: *smiles*
Seph: Can someone tell him to stop smiling like that? It's annoying me.
Shy: *coos*
Razkil: Don't you like him, Seph?
Seph: I'll let you know once the uneasiness goes away. -_-
Draven: I like him a lot.
Seph: Shut up. -_-
Shy: *giggles*

Seph: Ha! You know, let's just keep him naked!
Razkil: He's happy.
Seph: *narrows eyes* Oh, really? In that case, let's put him back in his poofy dress!
Shy: *hiss*
Seph: Okay, okay, you can wear the overalls. =P

Seph: The wig looks so bad on him. -_-
Razkil: Poor Shy.
Seph: Poor him? -_- I will now have a bald lil monster in the house! Gah!
Draven: Look at it this way, we can see his pointy ears all the time when he's bald. *snicker*
Seph: *sigh*

Seph: All right, what does he want? Is he talking to you two?
Razkil: He isn't saying anything.
Seph: Really? O_o
Draven: I think he just wants to wave hi at you. *grins*
Seph: *suspicious* Oh really?
Razkil: It looks that way. *waves at Shy*
Seph: . . .

Seph: Now what does he want?
Draven: *grin*
Seph: What?
Draven: Can't you hear him?
Seph: . . . are you making this up?
Razkil: I don't hear him speaking.
Seph: Draven!
Shy: *giggles*

Seph: I don't know what else he could want. I already gave him his pink bunny. O_o
Draven: *shrugs* Just leave him alone. The stupid thing doesn't really want anything.
Seph: I'm guessing that's the case.
Razkil: Maybe he wants his wig.
Seph: Well, he's not getting it. I can't be bothered to keep putting it back on his head.
Shy: *glares*
Seph: =P You're troublesome.
Shy: *hiss*
Draven: He likes you too. *smiles*
Seph: Shut up. T_T

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