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Lil Evil

So lil evil's body finally arrives.

Seph: I am so amused by this "fragile" warning.
Razkil: Why?
Seph: The damn kid isn't fragile. -_-
Razkil: He won't break?
Draven: I think she means that the things that'll break are us and everything else, but not him.
Seph: S'all right, Razkil. Don't bother trying to understand that. ^_^;

Seph: What a cute box. -_-
Razkil: I'm glad he's the right size.
Seph: Oh yeah. -_- So am I. -_-

Seph: *laughs* He comes with some certificate of authenticity or something. And a guarantee!
Draven: Maybe if you keep telling him his body sucks, he'll leave us. *smirk*
Seph: Haha. You are so funny. =P

Seph: Yay! Look at his stuff~! Whee~! Overalls! ^o^ And the bunny too!
Razkil: Take his body out.
Seph: Right right. ^_^

Seph: Man...lookit that belly of his.
Razkil: He doesn't have two parts.
Seph: Yeah. His body is different from yours.
Draven: A fat round stomach from which evil sprouts and dispels through the belly button.
Seph: Exactly. *laughs* Lemme remove the bubblewrap around his head.

Seph: Lookit how evil he looks. O_o
Shy: *coos*
Razkil: Hello, Shy.
Draven: Happy with the body?

Seph: So say something already.
Shy: *smiles*

Seph: What, you're not going to say hi? O_o
Shy: *smiles some more*
Seph: I know you can talk, kid.
Shy: *coos*

Seph: What? So you don't want to talk to me?
Razkil: Maybe he has to learn how to talk?
Seph: *narrows eyes* No, he can talk fine. Right, Draven?
Draven: If you say so.
Seph: Hey! What's that supposed to mean? He's talked to you before!
Draven: I thought "toys" don't talk.
Seph: . . . *nerves tick*
Razkil: ??
Draven: Try his clothes on him.
Seph: Grrrrrrrrr!!

Razkil: He doesn't seem very happy.
Seph: Are you sure? He still looks like he's smiling! *LAUGHS*
Draven: He's in an ugly white dress. It's poofy too.
Shy: *hiss*
Seph: Hey! I heard that! *laughs*
Shy: *keeps sullen*

Seph: Ah, okie, there you go, lil guy. You look better now.
Razkil: He's like Kamahn.
Seph: Do you mean the erm...impression he gives?
Razkil: He feels like him. A bit. But not so sad or lonely.
Draven: Just the malicious bit.
Seph: You know, Draven, are you trying to annoy me?

Seph: You hated him in the beginning; do you still hate him now?
Draven: You said he's our new "toy".
Seph: Yeah...
Draven: I am trying hard to like our new "toy".
Seph: Okay, okay. -_- Fine.
Razkil: Shy's not a...toy.
Seph: Yeah. We know. He knows too. -_-
Shy: *smiles*

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