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Taking Pics

Seph: All right. Kaesh's turn.
Errand: Hey, how come Feyn hasn't been visiting us?
Seph: You miss him? *grin*
Errand: No! But it's been a long time since he last visited.
Razkil: *nods* Is he all right?
Seph: I don't know. I would think so.
Ferrahn: He's fine.
Silren: Have you seen him recently, Ferrahn?
Ferrahn: Yes. And he's fine.
Razkil: Ask him to visit us.
Ferrahn: Maybe.
Seph: I'll let him know if I see him, Razkil.
Errand: But we don't want Kamahn or Khamiel!
Seph: ^_^;

Seph: of the rare moments where your Sakaki doesn't look cross-eyed.
Silren: *smiles*
Errand: *pats Silren's hand* No doll is perfect.
Seph: Except for Razkil.
Errand: *nods*
Ferrahn: And me.
Seph: Erm...yeah.
Ferrahn: Or at least I had been.
Seph: ^_^; Let's do that group picture now, all right?

Draven: Silren can have Khairi sit on his lap.
Ferrahn: *raises an eyebrow* Playing favourites, are we?
Draven: Yes.
Ferrahn: In that case...

Ferrahn: My Razkil's Miraj can sit with me.
Errand: Hey!
Seph: ^_^;

Ferrahn: Unlike certain brats, Miraj adores me. *purrs*
Errand: No, he doesn't not!!
Seph: ^_^;

Errand: Stop that!! Give him back!!
Ferrahn: Get back to your side of the picture, Errand.
Errand: No! Miraj sits with me!

Silren: . . .
Draven: ^..^
Seph: . . .

Errand: Give his hand back too!
Ferrahn: Don't be stupid, Errand.
Errand: Miraj was sitting with me.
Razkil: We can all sit together.
Seph: Yeah. Geez. Come on. Stop that. I'll do the arranging.

Seph: There. Is everyone happy?
Errand: Hmph.
Seph: Whatever. Hey, Luthien, you sure you guys don't want to be included in the group picture?
Luthien: No, thank you.
Evien: *purrs softly*
Seph: Ah. Sorry. I didn't know he was napping.
Luthien: Yes. So tell everyone to go away so that I can nap in peace too.
Ferrahn: It's nap time, Razkil.
Errand: But I'd wanted to play!
Silren: I'll play with you, Errand.

Draven: Last picture of our boys!
Seph: *grin* So can we change Khairi's clothes later?
Draven: No. ^..^
Seph: Ah well.
Draven: Maybe next week. ^..~
Seph: *grin*

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