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Taking Pics

Picture time for everyone!

Seph: Draven's joining us cos he wants to take pics of Khairi in his new clothes.
Draven: ^..^
Ferrahn: Let's get on with it.

Seph: *grin* You sure you don't want Khairi in the other clothes?
Draven: I like this outfit. He can wear it longer.
Ferrahn: There's nothing wrong with having just one outfit.
Seph: Right.
Draven: Take a pic of Khairi's whole outfit! ^..^

Seph: *laughs* Yes, we know you like this one a lot.
Draven: He looks good. ^..^

Errand: At least Miraj is wearing his new clothes too.
Seph: *grin*

Seph: You know, we've not really taken pics of Khairi with Razkil's F28 in ages.
Razkil: *nods*
Seph: It's still hard to believe that before, we only had the two of you.
Errand: You mean three!!
Seph: *grin* Yes, three.

Draven: Khairi's the best.
Ferrahn: *roll eyes*

Seph: Anyways, I'd just wanted to take a group picture of everyone.
Errand: Hey, sit Khairi down.
Seph: Ah. Hold on.

Ferrahn: Come here.
Draven: No. I want Khairi to stand.
Seph: Everyone's sitting. He can kneel like Miraj.
Errand: Yeah. Khairi's too tall otherwise.

Draven: Then you can just take pictures of Khairi. Who cares about everyone else.
Seph: *grin* You're in a very happy mood today, aren't you?
Draven: ^..^

Ferrahn: Come here, brat.
Draven: Hey!!
Seph: *grin*

Draven: Let him go!
Ferrahn: Discipline time.
Seph: *laughs*

Ferrahn: Hurry up and take a picture. Khairi's sitting.
Seph: ^_^;
Draven: You're a bully, Ferrahn. This picture proves it!
Ferrahn: Ho hum.

Razkil: Ferrahn, you do look like you're bullying Khairi.
Errand: He's strangling him!
Draven: See!! Ferrahn the bully!
Ferrahn: Silren, I am so misunderstood.
Silren: . . .

Seph: We'll just ignore them and take pics of you three.
Errand: *nods* That's even better! =^_^=
Seph: *grin* Sorry I didn't put the yutaka on properly, Silren.
Silren: It's all right.
Razkil: *smiles*

Seph: So are we ready for pics?
Draven: Hmph.
Ferrahn: Snap away. *purrs*

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