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Name: Nyssan
Owner: Aisha
Website: Daughters

Nyssan is a repainted Shirou Tachibana. ^o^

( Written by Aisha. )

Likes: Fashion, light pink nail polish, making friends, autumn, admires girls with short hair, beach, TV and he loves to collect anime trading cards and figures.

Dislikes: Being picked on and criticised by Svein, being locked in small places, loneliness.

Personality: Nyssan is a charming and sensitive boy. He came to live with me and the boys and he seems to get along pretty well with them except for Svein who still rejects him. Nyssan is always cheerful and often hides his sadness and worries behind a smile so that others around him won't worry. Just like any cute boy, Nyssan enjoys being the center of the attention.

Message to Razkil:
Nyssan: Can we be friends? *smiles*

Seph and Razkil:
Seph: Awww... I'm sure Svein will get to like you soon, Nyssan.
He just needs to be around you more. ^_~
Razkil: Hello, Nyssan.


Razkil wants to know how he got the pictures of him! *laughs*
And Errand says he wants those pictures!

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