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Trying on Djinn and Mae's Masterpiece eyes in Kamahn.
All eyes are 19mm with paperweight lenses, and just barely fit into Kamahn's eye sockets.

Seph: I know you're not in the best of moods, but well, it's not often someone asks for you to model something...
Kamahn: . . .

Seph: What do you think? These eyes look pretty good, don't they? ^_^
Kamahn: But they're not mine, are they?
Seph: ^_^; No they're not. ^_^; I'll get you your own pairs next time.

Seph: They're kinda a lot redder than the pair I bought you.
Kamahn: I don't like these anyway.
Seph: ^_^; Well, okay, let's put on the pairs we like. ^o^

Customised Silver Fox Dragon

Seph: *grin* You don't have to tell me. I know you need a pair of these in your size. ^_~
Kamahn: Good.
Seph: *grin*

Seph: You can scare everyone while using these eyes. *grin*

Seph: Though actually, you look pretty adorable with these eyes.
Kamahn: Adorable?
Seph: Er...well, to me anyway. I'm sure you'll disgust a lot of other people.
Kamahn: . . .
Seph: ^_^;

Seph: The best thing about these eyes are that the pupils follow you.

Seph: It could be the paperweight lens that helps it do that.

Customised Red Dragon

Seph: Now this pair is a lot scarier.
Kamahn: And a brighter red.
Seph: Does that mean you approve? ^_^
Kamahn: Maybe.
Seph: It wouldn't kill you to say you like them. =P

Kamahn: *sigh*
Seph: *sigh*

Seph: So what's been bothering you these days?
Kamahn: Everyone. Everything.
Seph: And there I thought maybe it was the thought that "he" isn't getting his body soon. *grin*

Kamahn: . . .
Seph: T_T I'm sorry I said anything now.

Seph: Ah...the pupils of this pair follow me as well.
Kamahn: When is Razkil getting his head back?
Seph: Why are you asking?!
Kamahn: . . .
Seph: O_o I never thought you'd care.
Kamahn: I don't.
Seph: Then?
Kamahn: I just asked.
Seph: Why?
Kamahn: Does it matter?

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