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Rathi Leaves

7am in the morning, waiting for a friend to pick Rathi and Seph up.
Rathi will finally be going home to Mars, aka Lisa Dragon.

Razkil: It's time for Rathi to go now.
Seph: Aww...don't be sad, Razkil. I'm sure she misses Mars a lot.
Rathi: I do.
Seph: See.

Silren: I hope the long trip isn't too tiring.
Seph: It won't be so bad. ^_^ Rathi's been down to Miri and back a few times, I think.
Rathi: You do get used to it.
Razkil: Seph said Miri is a lot closer than UAE or Japan or Australia.
Seph: *grin* A whole lot closer. And she won't have to be packed in a box and sent home.

Errand: If anyone mistreats you, let us know. We'll send someone over to deal with it.
Seph: ^_^;; I don't think she'll get bullied or anything like that, Errand. ^_^;
Razkil: Ferrahn said that if anyone dares to bully us, he'll take care of it.
Seph: Really? *laughs* The way I see it, he's the only one bullying us around.
Errand: I agree. =^_^=
Rathi: I'm going to miss how noisy this place can be when I go.
Silren: We'll miss having you around too.

Silren: If you feel lonely, you can write to us.
Seph: Or get Mars to send us a text message.
Rathi: I will.

Errand: I guess all we have to do now is wait for the car.
Seph: Yeah. ^_^ It should be any moment now.

The car is here and off we go to Miri! ^o^

That's Wan in the background withdrawing some money for spending in Miri. *grin*

About a couple of hours in the car, after we've crossed into West Malaysia where Miri is, we're about to drive across the newly built bridge. ^o^ Before it was built, all cars had to be ferried across the river.

Mars' unpacking her hangbag or something. ^_^;

This is outside one of the shopping centres in Miri. Mars wanted to stand Rathi on the car and take a pic of her.

Sadly, this was the most decent pic I got. ^_^;

And I didn't take anymore pics after that. ^_^;
Was too busy buying stuff and filling up the backseat with stuff. ^o^

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