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A few minutes later...

Rathi: Oh, Shy's here to join us.
Silren: . . .
Ferrahn: Here to create trouble, I bet. *hiss*

Kamahn: . . .

Shy walks over and sits down between them.

Everyone: . . .

Ferrahn: He seems to be very attached to you, Kamahn.
Kamahn: . . . Hmph.

Shy: *coos*

Ferrahn: The midget here likes to bother Kamahn a lot. *purrs*
Silren: . . .

Ferrahn: He's just asking for trouble.
Silren: Kamahn won't be very nice to him if he gets angry.
Ferrahn: *purrs* Of course not.
Silren: Shy needs to be told to leave him alone.
Ferrahn: Just let him do what he wants. We need something to liven up the afternoon.
Silren: But...
Ferrahn: You don't like him anyway so don't bother.

Silren: . . . Shy...please don't bother, Kamahn.
Ferrahn: You'd better listen to Silren, _thing_.

*Shy pushes Silren's hand aside*

Ferrahn: HEY!
Shy: *giggles*

Ferrahn: Why you little bastard! *snarls* Silren overcame his fear to advise you and you brush him aside?! How dare you!!
Silren: Ferrahn, it's nothing important. Don't--

Ferrahn: *SNARLS*
Rathi: Oh my goodness!
Silren: Ferrahn, don't hurt him!

Silren: Come on, stop it.
Ferrahn: *hiss* He's going to get it this time!!
Shy: *shrieks*
Kamahn: . . .

Ferrahn: Face me if you dare, you bastard!
Shy: *shrieks!*
Silren: Ferrahn, please!
Ferrahn: *snarls* It needs to be taught a lesson!
Kamahn: . . .

Kamahn: GET OFF ME!!

*Kamahn knocks Shy and Ferrahn off him.

Ferrahn: HEY!

*Shy scrambles to his feet and knocks Ferrahn back.

Ferrahn: Oof! *hiss*
Shy: *hisses*
Kamahn: . . .

Shy: *glares*
Kamahn: Do you really think I'm going to be afraid of you?

Ferrahn: Are you all right?
Silren: I'm fine.

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