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Just another lazy afternoon...

Ferrahn: I can't believe I have to wear clothes when I am out.
Silren: Do clothes feel strange to you?
Ferrahn: I don't need clothes! And they're cumbersome!

Ferrahn: The sun on your skin feels strange through clothes.
Silren: I know what you mean.

Ferrahn: The next time she tries to put clothes that you don't like on you, let me know. I'll make sure she gets a piece of my mind. *hiss*
Silren: It's all right. I'm used to it now.
Ferrahn: But if the clothes make you uncomfortable, make sure you say so.
Silren: All right.

Ferrahn: And what are you all doing out here?

Ferrahn: Not in a good mood, brat?
Kamahn: . . .
Rathi: I didn't want to fix puzzles with Razkil and Errand, so I followed Kamahn out.
Ferrahn: That stupid butterfly puzzle again? Razkil really should find something else to do.

Rathi: Is it all right to be out here?
Ferrahn: Of course, it is. But at the moment, I don't welcome your company.
Silren: Don't mind him. Come sit with us.
Ferrahn: *purrs*

Ferrahn: Well, well, he really _is_ in a foul mood. *purrs*

Kamahn: *gloom*

Ferrahn: So what's got up your ass today? *purrs*

Silren: Ferrahn, let him be.
Ferrahn: *purrs* I bet it was the wig and the clothing change.

Silren: He could be bothered by something else.
Ferrahn: *purrs* I don't think so.

Rathi: I think Ferrahn is right. Kamahn was sitting quietly until Seph changed his clothes. Then he walked out without a word.
Ferrahn: *purrs* There you go.

Ferrahn: The brat's more than a bit vain.
Silren: I hope Kamahn didn't say anything mean to you.
Rathi: He hasn't spoken to me at all.
Ferrahn: Don't expect him to. *purrs*

Kamahn: *gloom*

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