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Taking pics of the Gloria dining table set I bought in Miri. ^o^
And I kinda told Ferrahn that I bought him something. ^_^;

Seph: Nice table, huh? ^o^
Razkil: It's the right size for everyone.
Seph: *laughs* Almost. ^_~ You and Kamahn and Khairi can't sit at it, sadly.
Razkil: I'm glad the others can.
Seph: ^o^
Errand: It fits me too. =^_^=
Seph: *laughs*

Seph: It's been quite a while since we last took pics of Zev. *grin*
Razkil: And Railen and his other friends.
Seph: I've got no time to play much these days. T_T
Razkil: Will you have time to take pictures of my head when it comes back?
Seph: Of course!! O_O That is a must do!! ^o^

Seph: And tada! We have our pretty Withered with us too. ^o^
Razkil: You should bring Ink out too. I think she'll miss Withered.
Seph: Well, we're only taking quick pics of everyone at the table. ^_^; She'll be with Ink again soon.

Seph: And here's Headless who is made to look clueless about which spoons to use. *laughs*
Razkil: Rip needs to be painted.
Seph: Yes, he does. *grin*
Errand: Why do you call him Headless when his head is on now?
Seph: Er... *_* don't know. *_* Never mind that. =P

Ferrahn: So this is what you got me?

Seph:'s your size, isn't it? ^_^;
Razkil: You, Silren and Errand can sit at a bigger table now.
Seph: Yeah. ^o^

Ferrahn: Do I look like someone who appreciates tables?
Seph: Er... ^_^;
Ferrahn: *hiss*
Seph: You can do a lot of things on tables? ^_^;;
Ferrahn: . . .

Razkil: Look, Shy wants to see the new table too.

Ferrahn: Who said you could get up from where I told you to sit? *hiss*
Shy: *smiles*
Seph: O_o
Errand: . . .
Razkil: He only wants to see the new table, Ferrahn.
Seph: Yeah. O_o And gosh, when did lil evil become your lil slave? O_o
Errand: Ever since that day Kamahn's twin visited, lil evil has been quiet.
Razkil: He doesn't try to be naughty anymore.
Seph: I hope it lasts. O_o But well, let's see whether he looks okay sitting at the dining table. ^_^

Seph: *grin* He looks pretty all right sitting there.
Shy: *coos*
Errand: I just hope he doesn't decide to knock everything over.
Seph: *_* Me too.
Ferrahn: He won't dare to.

Seph: Things look almost his scale. ^_^;
Razkil: He looks happy.
Seph: ^_^; If you say so.

Seph: I'm going to get you furniture too, Razkil. One of these days.
Razkil: I don't mind not having furniture.
Seph: Yeah, I know, but it'd be nice if you have nice furniture. You can study better on a proper table, I bet.
Razkil: . . .
Seph: We haven't been progressing well with your alphabet, have we? -_-
Errand: I think we're at S for Silren.
Seph: ^_^; That's not so bad. ^_^;

Errand: Can we get him to stop looking at me? =T_T=
Razkil: He won't eat you, Errand.
Seph: *grin*
Errand: I don't care! He looks like he wants to do bad things to me.
Seph: *laughs*

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