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Meeting Lil Evil

Ferrahn: You want to show us your new "toy", don't you?
Seph: *grin* Yeah. ^_~ Is it that obvious?
Silren: Errand said that it was sitting with Rathi, Kamahn and Khairi.
Seph: Yeah, it is. Hold on, I'll bring it out.

Seph walks off.

Ferrahn: How are you feeling today, Silren?
Silren: I'm still feeling uneasy.
Ferrahn: You've been feeling like that since last week or so.
Silren: Yes, and I can't understand it either. Most of the time, it's when Razkil is nearby.

Ferrahn: Maybe it's because you're worried about his head.
Silren: Maybe.
Ferrahn: That's probably it.

Ferrahn: Stop thinking about it. I'm sure the head will get here.
Silren: It has been quite a long time now.
Ferrahn: So it has. That's one problem with being big. Seph will keep changing your wigs and ruin your face paint within a few months; then she'll need to send your head off to be repainted.
Silren: . . .

Seph returns.

Seph: Meet Shy! ^_^
Shy: *giggles*
Ferrahn: . . . Shy?
Seph: Yeah. That's his name.
Ferrahn: Shy?
Seph: Quit it. =P
Silren: *tenses up* That's it.

Ferrahn: What _is_ this thing?!
Shy: *smiles*
Seph: It--His name is Shy. -_-
Shy: *coos*
Ferrahn: He feels strange.
Seph: What do you mean?
Shy: *giggles*
Silren: Ferrahn...

Silren: Ferrahn, don't go near it.
Seph: O_o
Ferrahn: Why not?
Seph: Yeah. Why not?

Silren: It--that Shy is the one making me uneasy.
Seph: You too? T_T
Ferrahn: This...thing?

Silren: Please, don't go near him. Come sit next to me.
Seph: Lil evil ain't that bad, Silren. -_-
Ferrahn: Lil evil?
Shy: *smiles*
Seph: It's just a nickname...
Silren: It--He doesn't feel good.
Ferrahn & Seph: . . .
Silren: Ferrahn...
Ferrahn: All right.

Ferrahn: He's just another dumb kid--or thing.
Silren: You don't feel anything strange?
Seph: What kind of strange? *_*
Silren: ...just strange...
Ferrahn: He feels strange. But it's not a harmful strange.
Seph: Razkil thinks he's harmless too. -_-
Silren: . . . Razkil makes friends with everything.
Seph: True. *grin*
Shy: *giggles*
Ferrahn: This...thing is making you uneasy, huh?
Seph: I'm wondering how long it will take for him to start being annoyed by being called an "it" and "thing". *grin*

Seph: *narrows eyes* What are you up to, Shy?
Shy: *smiles*
Seph: Are you making Silren feel strange on purpose?
Shy: *giggles*
Seph: Is that a yes? O_o
Silren & Ferrahn: . . .

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