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I was going to take lil evil outside and Ferrahn wanted to come along.
As training for future outings, I had him wear Silren's clothes. *grin*

Ferrahn: I look stupid!
Seph: You said it. Not me. *grin*
Ferrahn: *snarls*
Seph: I told you, if you wanted to come out, you have to wear clothes. And you agreed.
Ferrahn: *hiss* This time.
Seph: Just take off your ears and you'll look fine.
Ferrahn: Go take off your own ears! *snarls*
Seph: =P

Ferrahn: So what will we be doing?
Seph: I wanted to take some pics of lil evil.
Ferrahn: *snorts* That ugly thing?
Seph: -_- He looks better now.
Ferrahn: *purrs* With those pencilled eyebrows?
Seph: Shaddup!

Seph: Just sit here and enjoy the sun while I take pics.
Ferrahn: I will. The sun feels good.
Seph: Anyone would think you've never been out in the sun before. Don't you get enough out in the balcony?
Ferrahn: It's different out there and down here.
Seph: Oh? O_o

Ferrahn: The view is as boring out here as from up on the balcony.
Seph: And you say I never bring you out. -_- There's nothing to see.

Ferrahn: I want to take my clothes off!
Seph: Noo!!
Ferrahn: How am I to feel the sun on my skin when I'm covered up? *hiss*
Seph: Get used to it!

Ferrahn: Tomorrow, you will bring Silren and I out here.
Seph: Oh really? -_-
Ferrahn: Yes. And you will bring a mat. And I will be in my usual outfit.
Seph: =P I'm not going to bother with you.
Ferrahn: *hiss*

Seph: All right, lil evil. Picture time!
Ferrahn: What is that thing wearing?
Seph: Khairi's clothes and boots.
Ferrahn: On his head!
Seph: It's a wig Khairi doesn't wear often.
Ferrahn: Not surprising.
Seph: I know it looks bad. =P I just need to cut it.

Seph: Gah. His eyebrows need to be properly painted on.
Ferrahn: Assuming you can. *purrs*
Seph: =P
Shy: *giggles*

Seph: There. No wig! Does he look better?
Ferrahn: He's still ugly.
Seph: -_- Never mind.

Seph: Stop looking at the chickens, Shy.
Ferrahn: *purrs* Maybe he's hungry.
Seph: No, he's not. -_-

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