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Razkil trying to comfort Errand...

Razkil: There aren't any monkeys out today.
Seph: I haven't seen any in a while.
Razkil: But you're never here when the monkeys are out.
Seph: No, I guess not.
Errand: . . .

Razkil: Errand, are you still angry with Ferrahn?
Errand: Yes! I am!
Razkil: But...
Errand: You said he'd stop acting as if the F28 is his! And he hasn't!
Razkil: . . .

Errand: Hmph! I'd said I would try to stop minding his gloating, but it doesn't mean I want to take pictures with him!
Razkil: . . .
Seph: That _is_ a compromise, I suppose. -_-

Errand: Why do we always have to compromise but he doesn't?!
Seph: . . .
Errand: Everyone lets him do as he pleases!
Seph: Well...
Errand: You never care if I'm upset! But if it's Ferrahn, everyone worries!

Errand: Everyone cares about Ferrahn! Everyone doesn't want him to be upset! Everyone always wants to make him happy!
Razkil: Errand?
Seph: -_-

Errand: Sometimes, I don't think anyone cares about me at all!
Seph: -_-
Razkil: . . .
Seph: *sigh*


Razkil: Seph?
Seph: Just let him alone for a while. I think he just needs to vent. -_- It's not surprising he feels this way, actually. We do tend to try to let Ferrahn have his way.
Razkil: . . .

After a while...

Errand: Razkil?

Razkil: Yes, Errand?
Errand: Do you hate me?
Razkil: No.
Errand: Not even when Ferrahn and I fight?
Razkil: I don't hate you or Ferrahn.
Errand: But you dislike us when we fight, don't you?
Razkil: I don't like it when you fight. But I don't dislike or hate you when you do.
Errand: You promise?
Razkil: *nods* I promise.
Errand: Okay.


Errand: I don't like fighting with Ferrahn.
Razkil: I know.
Errand: It's not really my fault he makes me angry with him.
Razkil: I know.
Errand: You're the best Razkil. I love you.
Razkil: I love you too, Errand.
Errand: Even when I'm being dislikable?
Razkil: Even then.
Errand: Promise?
Razkil: I promise. I don't like it when you're not happy.
Errand: I'm sorry I said what I had. I know you care.
Razkil: *hugs*

Razkil: Do you want to play snakes and ladders later?
Errand: *nods*
Razkil: Let's ask Silren and Ferrahn to play later too.
Errand: . . .
Razkil: Or we can ask them tomorrow.
Errand: I'll think about it.
Razkil: *nods*


Seph: Hey, Errand, let's wash your mouse.
Errand: Why??
Seph: Come on, you know it's dirty.
Errand: It's fine!
Seph: I'm not going to throw it in the washing machine. I'll handwash it.
Errand: No!
Seph: Let's wash a bit of it. You'll see that no harm will come out of it.
Razkil: Let's make you nice and clean, Errand.
Seph: See? *grin*

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