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Errand and Razkil join in the pictures.

Seph: *sigh*
Ferrahn: *purrs* It's a good day for taking pictures, isn't it?
Silren: . . .
Razkil: . . .
Seph: *sigh* Errand, don't you want to be in the picture?

Silren: Errand, we're taking pictures now.
Razkil: You're facing the wrong way.
Errand: No.

Ferrahn: *looking pleased*
Seph: *mutters* Did you do something earlier today?
Ferrahn: *purrs* No.
Seph: *looks at him suspiciously*

Ferrahn: Leave him alone if he doesn't want to be in the pictures. I'm not about to force to rat into anything.
Errand: . . .
Seph: Ignore him, Errand!

Errand: I don't want to take any pictures of my mouse with that stupid Ferrahn's F28!
Seph: *mutters* Hell, I thought they were going to try to live with each other.
Razkil: Errand, you said you wouldn't mind.
Errand: Not when he's acting like this!
Seph: *sigh*

Ferrahn: Well? Am I supposed to take that lying down?
Seph: He's just a kid, all right? Leave it.
Ferrahn: I'd like to see you tell Luthien to leave it if this was him in my place.
Seph: *gives him a look*
Ferrahn: *raises an eyebrow* We'll give it one more try.

Ferrahn: Come on, Razkil. If Errand doesn't want to take pictures, that's his problem. _I_ want pictures with your cute little Miraj. I'm sure no one wants to look at his rat anyway.
Silren: . . .
Razkil: Ferrahn.
Seph: *mutters* You stupid cat.
Errand: . . .

Ferrahn: You don't seem to be helping much.
Seph: Damn it. I think no one wants to take pictures anymore.
Ferrahn: *shrugs* Don't say I was the one who spoilt the mood.
Seph: . . . I'm taking everyone in.
Ferrahn: What a spoilsport you are, Errand. Especially when _I_ am not holding a grudge.
Errand: . . .
Seph: All right, leave him alone!
Silren: Come on, Ferrahn. *pulls him away*

Razkil: . . .
Seph: *sigh*
Razkil: *sigh*
Seph: T_T Please don't sigh, Razkil. You're not supposed to have worries.
Razkil: I'm sorry.
Seph: -_-

Razkil: Errand?
Errand: . . .
Razkil: Let's take pictures together. Just the two of us. Miraj and your mouse.
Errand: . . .
Razkil: I want to.
Seph: *nods* Let's do that.

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