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Ferrahn's Pics

Ferrahn gets comfortable with Razkil's F28 shell.

Ferrahn: It's such a perfect day for taking pictures.
Seph: *roll eyes* It'd be a lot more perfect if you'd change into something else.

Ferrahn: Am I in charge of this shell or am I not?
Seph: It's all yours. *sigh*
Silren: *smiles slightly*

Ferrahn:'s rather nice to have shells the same size again.
Silren: *nods*
Seph: . . .

Ferrahn: I don't think I've told you that Sakaki's not so bad, have I?
Silren: No.
Ferrahn: He's not so bad.
Seph: Er...

Ferrahn: I rather like him now.
Silren: . . .
Seph: Oi!

Seph: Stop that right there!
Ferrahn: . . .

Ferrahn: *snarls*
Seph: That F28 doesn't belong to you, so you're not making it do anything it normally wouldn't do!
Ferrahn: *hiss* It's mine for the moment!
Seph: It doesn't mean you should take advantage of Razkil's good will! Do you think he'll like seeing pics of his F28 like this?
Ferrahn: It's Razkil. As long as we're happy, do you think he minds?
Seph: . . . damn it. He might not, but the rest of us would. Don't overdo it, Ferrahn.
Ferrahn: If I tell Razkil I want to take pictures of his F28 with Silren's Sakaki, do you think he'd say no?
Seph: Fine. You got your pictures. I'm not taking anymore.
Ferrahn: *narrows eyes*
Seph: Come on, Ferrahn. We've been upset enough, don't you think?
Ferrahn: So it's my fault you've been upset?
Seph: Damn it. I don't mean it that way.

Seph: Look, just don't go too far, all right?
Ferrahn: We're just taking pictures.
Seph: Everyone associates the F28 with Razkil. How would you like it if everyone starts asking whether Razkil's fallen in love with Silren since he's all lovey dovey with him?
Ferrahn: *hiss*
Seph: Damn it. Anyone who sees these pics will think that!
Ferrahn: Then tell them what they should be thinking!
Seph: If they don't read, they aren't going to know what the hell they should be thinking! Do you get it? A picture can say so many things! Worse when you don't know the context!
Ferrahn: *snaps* Then put our names on the pictures.

Silren: Don't be so annoyed, Ferrahn.
Ferrahn: It's time Razkil's shell experiences some interesting things.
Seph: That's his decision.

Ferrahn: It's time someone makes it for him.
Seph: Hey! Stop that!
Silren: Ferrahn.

Ferrahn: FINE! Get me a stupid big body of my own!
Seph: . . .
Silren: You can use Kaesh.
Ferrahn: I don't want Kaesh. I want my own.
Seph: Stop that!

Ferrahn: You asked for it. I want my own.
Seph: You can have this bloody one when Razkil gets his new F16.
Ferrahn: I want a _new_ one.
Seph: This one suits you fine!
Ferrahn: A new one. Or Razkil will be giving me his F16.
Seph: You bastard!
Ferrahn: *purrs*
Seph: I don't care what you say. We're not taking pics of you two anymore!
Ferrahn: *shrugs* I'm patient; we all are, it seems, when it comes to waiting for new shells--or _missing_ heads.
Seph: . . .
Silren: . . .

Seph: I'm going to ask the others if they want to take pics too.
Ferrahn: I'm looking forward to telling Errand the wonderful news.
Seph: . . .
Silren: I'm sure he doesn't mean it, Seph.
Ferrahn: Why not? If she could have afforded this Sakaki, she can afford me something big too.
Seph: . . .

Silren: Ferrahn...
Ferrahn: *purrs*
Seph: You stupid cat. When we get your head back, I'm selling your Go Guy. _Then_ I'll get you a big body.
Ferrahn: We'll see what Razkil says about that.
Seph: You will _not_ say anything about this to Razkil.
Ferrahn: Yes. I'm sure he'll be upset to know that that you want to sell my Go Guy.
Seph: I'm not talking to you anymore! Silren, shut him up if he wants to say something stupid to the others!
Silren: . . .

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