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We have a camera on loan, so it's time to take pics!

Seph: I'm glad you like the spiderweb coat.
Ferrahn: Don't expect it to be worn all the time.
Seph: Well, at least it's something different.
Ferrahn: Hm?
Seph: Never mind. -_-

Seph: . . .
Ferrahn: Yes?
Seph: I'm glad you've not been gloating recently.
Ferrahn: *raises an eyebrow*
Seph: ^_^;
Ferrahn: How long has it been now?
Seph: I know, I know... -_-

Errand: Hey! We want to take pics too!

Seph: Right, everyone in the pics.
Errand: I'm going to sit with Silren!
Ferrahn: No one wants your mouse, Errand.
Errand: =P
Seph: Kids, behave, please.

Seph: You think Kamahn will like this wig?
Errand: He might hate it. Since you let Miraj wear it first. Heh heh.
Ferrahn: *chuckles* I agree.
Seph: If you don't tell him and I don't tell him it isn't brand new, he would never know. *grin*
Razkil: We won't tell. I think he'll like it.
Seph: I hope so. ^_^ It's a lot easier to manage than his long one. -_-
Errand: And he always complains you don't tie it right, or that it's not combed properly.
Silren: I'm sure he'll like the wig.

Seph: Your Sakaki does look pretty good with the black wig, doesn't he?
Silren: *nods*
Errand: Hey, bring Kaesh out for pictures too!
Seph: Nah. I can't be bothered. He's got his share of pictures yesterday.
Ferrahn: He had more than his fair share.
Seph: Well, he was given a new faceup; what do you expect? *grin*
Ferrahn: *raises an eyebrow* You didn't give Sakaki here a new faceup and he had his pictures taken with Kaesh.
Seph: Er... Feyn requested him.
Razkil: Feyn came?
Seph: Ah. Just for a while.
Razkil: He didn't come talk to us...
Errand: Maybe he's still mad at Ferrahn.
Ferrahn: *shrugs*
Seph: Well, he said he was only dropping by for a moment. He'll be over again soon enough.

Ferrahn: You like Miraj, don't you, Razkil?
Razkil: *nods* Do you like him now?
Ferrahn: I suppose he'll do.
Seph: Just say you like him, Ferrahn.
Errand: Yeah. =P
Silren: I like Miraj.

Razkil: I like Miraj.
Ferrahn: Hm...

Errand: Hey!!

Errand: Give Miraj here! We want to take pictures with him too!
Ferrahn: Why should I?
Razkil: I want to take pictures of him with Errand and Silren.
Seph: Me too.

Ferrahn: And if I say no?
Seph: We can only take so many pictures of you two together.
Ferrahn: Really?
Seph: . . .
Razkil: Ferrahn.

Silren: Share him for a while, Ferrahn.
Errand: Give him back!
Ferrahn: . . .
Seph: Well?

Ferrahn: I am such a mean person, aren't I?
Seph: Yeah. It sure doesn't lessen your reputation as a bully.
Errand: Ferrahn is always mean!

Ferrahn: Errand's just said something mean to me. I don't think I want to be nice after all.
Errand: Hey!!
Razkil: Ferrahn, can I borrow Miraj for a while?
Ferrahn: Oh, all right.

Ferrahn: There.
Errand: Yay! =^o^=
Seph: Thanks, Ferrahn.

Errand: Miraj looks better with us! =^_^=
Ferrahn: I don't see how.
Seph: Shush.

Ferrahn: That's enough pictures. We're going back inside now.
Errand: Let's take some more first!
Seph: *nods* Some more pictures first. Let's change the pose.

Seph: . . . it's just like you to want a scene like this.
Ferrahn: *chuckles* It's not a good scene?
Errand: See. I told you Ferrahn wouldn't know how to pose good for the pictures!
Seph: Whatever happened to that competition you two were supposed to have?
Errand: I'd have won anyway.

Errand: Hey!! Ferrahn is being mean to my mouse!!
Ferrahn: Did you hear something squeak, Silren?
Silren: . . .
Razkil: Ferrahn...
Seph: ^_^;

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