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Khamiel & Miraj

Surprisingly, Khamiel decides to visit...

Khamiel: Hey! Who's that?
Seph: O_O Miel?
Khamiel: Is that Kamahn's Hewitt? He's back and you didn't tell us?
Seph: No. Er...this is Miraj. Our new toy.
Khamiel: And where's Kamahn's toy?
Seph: The head is still being worked on...
Khamiel: Are you sure? Kamahn says you lie all the time.
Seph: I don't!
Khamiel: Liar! I want to play with this one.

Khamiel: Hey! Let go!
Seph: I was playing with him first!
Khamiel: Let go, you evil witch!!
Seph: Don't be annoying, Miel!
Khamiel: *snarls*

Khamiel: I'm going to tell Kamahn you sold his Hewitt and bought this one!
Seph: Now who's the liar?!
Khamiel: I bet it's true. Kamahn says his head has been gone as long as Razkil's head! And everyone thought the head was lost!
Seph: it been that long? ^_^;
Khamiel: I bet Kamahn will hate you a lot more if you lost his Hewitt.
Seph: It isn't lost. It's still with Tasha.

Seph: Where's Kamahn and Feyn?
Khamiel: Why?
Seph: Well, I thought they'd have come with you.
Khamiel: . . . I decided to visit by myself.
Seph: . . . no one knows?
Khamiel: They won't know. *glares*
Seph: I'll keep quiet if you don't make any trouble.

Khamiel: Why are you playing with this one?
Seph: I like Silren's Sakaki.
Khamiel: I don't like him!
Seph: And why not?
Khamiel: *glares* Kamahn likes Silren.
Seph: . . . well, that's probably because Silren's nice to him.
Khamiel: No one can be nice to Kamahn but me!
Seph: . . . right.

Khamiel: I don't like the face. Play with another one.
Seph: . . .
Khamiel: Are you listening?!
Seph: Seeing how I'm playing with _both_ of them, and you're supposed to be the spectator, you can play with the others.
Khamiel: *narrows eyes*

Seph: 'Sides, Sakaki's a rather pretty doll.
Khamiel: No, he's not.
Seph: Well, we all think he's rather pretty.
Khamiel: He's not. So stop playing with him.

Seph: Won't you get into trouble if Feyn finds out you came here by yourself?
Khamiel: *shrugs* I don't care about Feyn.
Seph: But if you get into trouble, won't Kamahn be upset?
Khamiel: I'll tell him I didn't hurt anyone. He won't mind then.
Seph: . . .
Khamiel: Where are the others?
Seph: They're inside. I think they're playing Ludo or something.
Khamiel: That's a stupid game.
Seph: Because you lost the last time? *grin*
Khamiel: I didn't lose! The cats cheated!

Seph: Why are you here, really?
Khamiel: I wanted to play.
Seph: But you didn't bring Kamahn?
Khamiel: I don't always do things with Kamahn!
Seph: Did you guys fight?
Khamiel: NO! We never fight!! It's all Feyn's fault!
Seph: . . .
Khamiel: You're stupid!
Seph: Thank you. That's good to know.

Khamiel: This is stupid. I'm going home.
Seph: All right. ^_^;
Khamiel: I want this one for my own.
Seph: No, you can't have him.
Khamiel: Why not?!
Seph: Because Miraj is mine. =P You've got your Unoa faces. They just need a body.
Khamiel: I don't want those anymore. I want this one!
Seph: You can't have Miraj.
Khamiel: I'm gonna tell Kamahn you don't want to get me a toy anymore!
Seph: I doubt he'd believe you.
Khamiel: *narrows eyes* Kamahn believes everything I say.
Seph: . . .
Khamiel: If you don't give me this one, I won't let him come back.
Seph: That's low!
Khamiel: I want this one.
Seph: I said, you can't. You can have the Unoa or not at all.
Khamiel: I hate you.
Seph: *backs away* You said you wouldn't hurt anyone!
Khamiel: *snarls*
Seph: MIEL!
Khamiel: I'm GOING!
Seph: Go! GO!! T__T

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