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Pics of Things

Finally taking pics of the things we have for sale.

Seph: All right. Only a few pics and then I'll have to focus on Miraj and Silren, k? Since they're our models for today.
Errand: Do you think we'll be able to get our new camera if we sell everything?
Ferrahn: Who knows. She might just use the money for something else first.
Seph: *ahem*

Ferrahn: You _know_ it's a good possibility.
Seph: Well, whatever I buy, it's for you guys anyway. I don't see what anyone has to complain about.
Ferrahn: *raises an eyebrow* When you have how many shells to get us? And a new camera?
Seph: . . .

Seph: You know... Sometimes, it looks like your mouth is getting scratched up.
Ferrahn: *narrows eyes* There's nothing wrong with it.
Seph: Well, look at the middle of your mouth. The paint at the sides look like it's fading or well, getting rubbed off.
Ferrahn: *hiss*
Seph: Don't look at me! I know I didn't do anything. It's been like that for a while.
Ferrahn: Don't touch my face.
Seph: I'm just commenting on it. I've always noticed it, but it never really bothered me.
Ferrahn: *hiss*

Silren: Your cat looks all right, Ferrahn.
Errand: I bet even if it doesn't he'd have to live with it. No one's going to want to paint a new face for him.
Ferrahn: You'd better watch it or your mouse will find itself missing a whisker!

Errand: Hmph!
Ferrahn: *hiss*
Seph: I'm sorry I said anything now. Like I'd said. It looks all right, really. No one notices much. You didn't notice anything wrong with it before.
Ferrahn: Shut up!

Razkil: I like Ferrahn as he looks now.
Seph: *grin*
Razkil: You don't have to get your face repainted like mine, Ferrahn. There's nothing wrong with yours now.
Seph: *nods* Like I'd said before. Your faceup doesn't need repaints like Razkil's or Silren's.

Ferrahn: She said my bloody mouth is fading.
Seph: It just looks like it. ^_^; I'll try to be more careful.
Ferrahn: *snarls*
Razkil: We'll be more careful.

Errand: Take pics of the things already!
Seph: All right. You guys are gonna stick around?
Silren: *nods*

after taking pics of things

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