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Cock What!?

Seph saw something which she thought the cats would be amused by.

Seph: You guys have got to see this! *laughs*
Luthien: I'm not sure we will be as amused as you apparently are.
Seph: It's something good. *grin* Trust me.
Ferrahn: *snorts*
Seph: Anyway, here we are! I wanted to show you a good photo story.
Luthien: And when have we been interested in those?
Seph: Tsk. Just listen to me as I tell you what happens.

Luthien: *hiss* I dislike this one.
Seph: Obelix? O_o What's wrong with him.
Luthien: He reminds me of someone we knew.
Evien: *soft hiss*
Seph: Okay, you don't like him either.
Luthien: He was a coward who ran away every time it looked like he was losing.
Seph: That doesn't sound so bad.
Luthien: Tell that to the few of us who were left behind to finish the fight. One of our friends died.
Seph: Oh.
Luthien: *smiles nastily* We showed him what betraying your comrades meant. He stopped being quite the charmer after we gave him his scars.
Ferrahn: If he's like this one in the pictures, I doubt the scars held him back.
Luthien: *smiles nastily*
Seph: Er...
Ferrahn: *shrugs* Nat has some very young ones...
Seph: *grin* Only one small one.

Luthien: I never imagined you liking young children.
Ferrahn: They're amusing when they play.
Luthien: *cocks an eyebrow* Big brother Ferrahn likes looking after the young ones?
Ferrahn: *shrugs* Treat them well and they'll do anything for you.
Luthien: *raises both eyebrows*
Ferrahn: Watch your dirty thoughts!
Luthien: *chuckles*

Seph: What do you think of children, Evien?
Evien: *shrugs*
Luthien: Evien likes children. As long as they don't bother him.
Ferrahn: And you?
Luthien: I have a special spot in my heart for children.
Ferrahn: *snorts*
Seph: Don't mind my skeptical expression.
Luthien: *smiles slightly* They've always kept me company when all I had was the dark.
Evien: *brusquely* So what's the amusing thing you wanted to show us?
Seph: Right. Let me continue reading the story then...

Please take a look at this photo story found on Nat's site before looking at the rest of this page.

Seph: And we present to you... Cockfighter!!! *cracks up into mad laughter*

Luthien: Dear gods.
Evien: . . .
Seph: *laughs*

Ferrahn: HAHAHA!! *groan* Hahaha *pants* HahaHA *groans* HAHAHAha
Seph: *laughs* I think he's really hurting.
Luthien: *muffled chokes*
Seph: *laughs* Don't hold it in! You know you wanna laugh so bad.
Luthien: *muffled* no..
Ferrahn: HAHAHA!! Did yu--hHAHAHAHA!! --is face-- HAHAHAHA! Cock--- HAHHAHA *groan* HAHHAAHHAHA *groans* HAHAHAha

Seph: *laughs* Are you okay?
Ferrahn: *pants heavily* What kind of retard is he?? *laughs with a groan* Cock fighter! *laughs*
Seph: He's amusing, isn't he? *grin* And he's not even ashamed of himself.
Ferrahn: He should be put out of his misery!
Luthien: . . .
Ferrahn: What's the matter?
Seph: He's still trying to pretend he didn't find Cockfighter funny. But we know you're laughing there.
Luthien: *chokes* That--thing is an appalling monstrosity.
Seph: Should I read the rest of the story?
Luthien: No!
Ferrahn: Yes!
Luthien: No. I do not wish to see more of that...thing!
Ferrahn: We just got to the good bit of the story, I bet!
Seph: *grin* Well, I'll read you the rest of the story when I show Razkil and the others. But they won't find it as funny as we do, I bet.
Luthien: *murmurs* I doubt it.
Seph: I'll show you the nice pics Nat took of her catmen...
Luthien: Anything, as long as it's not as embarassing as that chicken.
Ferrahn: *laughs*

Seph: Here's Nat's Kafka and Precious.

Luthien: Well now... *purrs* This, I can appreciate.
Evien: *raises an eyebrow* The white one looks a little too young.
Ferrahn: *chuckles* When is a cat ever too young?
Luthien: *purrs* Indeed. *looks at Seph* Why do we not have pictures like this?
Seph: Er...You guys hardly play with your dolls when I'm around. *shrugs* If you want to take pics like that, just let me know.
Luthien: *purrs*
Seph: Lemme show you a better pic of Kafka.

Luthien: I like how this one looks.
Seph: *grin* So do I.
Luthien: Hm... the face suits Evien better.
Seph: Eh?
Luthien: He's a bit wilder looking--even if he has that...bell around his neck.
Ferrahn: What's wrong with the bell?
Luthien: *roll eyes* No respectable feline lets himself be collared.
Seph: If someone owns you as a cat, you'd be collared.
Luthien: *looks at Ferrahn*
Ferrahn: *hiss*
Seph: I doubt Ferrahn actually notices that he's collared even though he plays with his chain a lot.
Ferrahn: It's not an important thing. The body came like this so I took it.
Seph: *grin*
Luthien: Tell Nat we want the head of this one. She can have Evien's current one.
Seph: You can't be serious? O_o
Luthien: It suits Evien better than the one he has now.
Seph: *looks at Evien* You think so?
Evien: *shrugs*
Seph: I doubt Nat will want to give us her Kafka.
Luthien: Oh, we'll take good care of it.
Ferrahn: Forget it. Just get her to paint you new ones. Then you'll both match.
Seph: Maybe in the far future, ya? -_- Lemme show you the rest of Kafka's sexy pics.

Seph: He's such a dream.
Luthien: *purrs* A lot more well-behaved than Evien could be.
Seph: *laughs* But the face is still more suitable?
Luthien: *nods* If we had seen this one...
Seph: No what-ifs please.
Luthien: *shrugs*
Ferrahn: What's so good about this one?
Luthien: *chuckles* Jealous?
Ferrahn: Of him? No. I remember him. *chuckles* He isn't as tough as you think he should be.
Luthien: Oh? *raises an eyebrow*

Ferrahn: Show them the pictures Nat took when she still had this body with her.
Seph: *grin* Sure.
Luthien: *raises an eyebrow* I forgot that Ferrahn's head was painted by this person.
Seph: *grin*
Luthien: Though his head suits him a lot better than ours do.
Seph: Would you stop that? Remember you'd said you didn't care how you'd looked as long as it looked good.
Luthien: So I had.
Ferrahn: The pictures!
Seph: All right, all right.

Look at Ferrahn's pictures with Kafka and Precious.

Luthien: Dear me. Is that really our Ferrahn?
Seph: He did look very different with Nat, didn't he?
Ferrahn: That's because she didn't have me helping her pose.
Luthien: That cat in the pictures looks so young and innocent though.
Ferrahn: *raises an eyebrow*
Seph: Your cat does look very different in those pics, Ferrahn.

Luthien: *chuckles* That white one is just begging to be bullied.
Seph: And Ferrahn fits the bill perfectly.
Ferrahn: *chuckles* This is a good story isn't it? And now, we'll get to the best bit.
Seph: *grin*

Luthien: Well, well... That certainly wasn't very Ferrahn-like.
Ferrahn: I liked it though. You can just tell the black cat wanted me bad.
Luthien: Really? I think he was probably wondering what was wrong with you. Refusing him and going for something petty like a fish.
Ferrahn: *sniffs* You're just envious that you don't have any pictures with goodlooking cats like him.
Luthien: *shrugs* Perhaps I am. He _is_ a lot more lovelier to look at. *purrs* Very lovely.
Ferrahn: *hiss*

Ferrahn: If you like him so much, why don't you move in with him?
Luthien: That's a rather good idea.
Ferrahn: *snarls*
Evien: Ferrahn.
Luthien: *chuckles* You do get upset over the strangest things.

Luthien: If we do move, you'll have to come with us.
Evien: *purrs*
Ferrahn: You're only saying this so that I'll share my bed later.
Luthien: Well, we do like your bed very much. *purrs*
Ferrahn: I'm better company than that black pussycat in the pictures.
Luthien: Of course, of course.
Ferrahn: We should get Nat to give us that head since you like looking at it so much.
Luthien: *chuckles*

Seph, in the meantime, decides to ignore them and look for Razkil and the others.

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