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Oh Yeah?

Trying to get a feel of Miraj's acceptance level among our residents.

Seph: So...what do you guys think of Miraj, now that we've got him for a week? *grin*
Razkil: I like him.
Silren: It's nice to see a boy his size since Kamahn's Hewitt isn't back yet.
Errand: I like him! =^_^=
Ferrahn: *sniffs* I don't see what's so good about him.

Errand: *hugs Miraj* I like Miraj a lot!
Seph: *grin*

Seph: Why aren't you impressed with Miraj anyhow?
Ferrahn: *curls his mouth in distaste*
Seph: I could have sworn you didn't dislike him when I'd mentioned getting him.
Errand: He's just jealous because he doesn't know what to do with Miraj.

Ferrahn: *snorts* Why would I want to have anything to do with this thing?
Errand: You're just jealous we all like him!
Ferrahn: Don't be ridiculous, Errand!
Errand: You're jealous and you know it!

Razkil: Don't you want to play with Miraj, Ferrahn? *makes Miraj hold Ferrahn's hand*
Ferrahn: No, I don't. So don't try to make him cute.
Seph: But he _is_ cute. He can be your owner, and your cat can be his pet. Or something.
Ferrahn: *snorts contemptously*
Seph: Well, I'm not about to say he can be your new pet. =P

Ferrahn: What's the deal anyway, Errand? I thought you disliked all Seph's new toys. Especially when they look like they could be Razkil's rival for attention.
Errand: I like Miraj!
Ferrahn: *snorts* Well, don't bother thinking of replacing your mouse with him. He doesn't suit you.
Errand: *glares* How do you know?!
Ferrahn: *snorts*

Errand: Give Miraj's hand back here!
Ferrahn: Take it! I didn't put it on mine!

Errand: And since you don't like him, you can sit your cat far away!
Ferrahn: *raises an eyebrow* You were wanting him for your own?
Errand: Go away!!

Errand: Hmph! Stupid Ferrahn! Miraj is wonderful!
Seph: Yes, he is.
Razkil: *pats Errand on the head*

Seph: Why are you being so unfriendly these days?
Ferrahn: I'm just waiting rather impatiently for everyone to get bored of him.
Seph: *raises an eyebrow* You _are_ jealous, aren't you?
Ferrahn: Don't be ridiculous.
Seph: I bet you'd like Miraj a lot more if you'd play with him.

Razkil: Seph's right, Ferrahn. Miraj is fun.
Errand: Yeah! So quit being such a spoiltsport!
Ferrahn: *sniffs disdainfully*
Seph: *rolls eyes*
Razkil: *pulls Ferrahn over*

Ferrahn: I would appreciate having a toy I could play with a lot better than this Miraj.
Seph: Oh yes, do let pour your grievances. *sigh*
Ferrahn: She got us those go guy things but they aren't even fit to be played with.
Seph: I got them eyes, damn it. They just don't look right. And finding wigs for them hasn't been the easiest thing to do!
Ferrahn: So what other excuses can you come up with? We've heard those already.
Seph: Bah! I'm gonna take pics of Miraj!

Seph: *mumbles to self* Stupid cat always wants to spoil the fun. Though I suppose maybe it's a good thing he's not interested in Miraj. You never know what ideas he might get in his head...

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