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How to Play

Teaching Pest how to play with Miraj.

Seph: All right. So this is Miraj. See, you can put him in any pose you like. ^_^
Pest: . . .
Seph: Erm... well, it's more fun when you play with two dolls, rather than one. When Razkil and the others are here, you can play with them.
Pest: What about the other boy?
Seph: Hm? Khairi?
Pest: No, the other boy. *points*
Seph: O_O Oh hey. Vahri. I didn't know you were still here.
Pest: He was sitting by himself.
Seph: ^_^; Right right. Come here, Vahri. You can learn with Pest. I don't think you ever played with any of the dolls we have...
Pest: *smiles shyly at Variq who walks over obediently*
Seph: This is Pest. Pest, Vahri. Or Variq, as most of the others call him.
Pest: Hello.
Variq: . . .
Seph: Don't mind him. He's a bit quiet.
Pest: *looks at Variq who looks back at him solemnly*
Seph: Anyways!! Back to Miraj!

Seph: See. He can point at you and do things.
Pest: . . .
Seph: What's the matter?
Pest: He looks a bit scary.
Seph: Er...maybe it's the poor lighting... ^_^; And his eye makeup.
Pest: I'm sorry.
Seph: Aw. Don't be. Maybe you'll like him better later...

Seph: Look at him now. He looks like he's trying to get comfortable.
Pest: *nods eagerly*

Seph: Now he's sitting a bit better...
Pest: Why does he have a fluffy head?
Seph: Oh. That's his furry wig. We have a lot of other wigs.
Pest: Really?
Seph: Yeah. You can change his wigs, his eyes and his clothes...

Seph: Okay, here's our box of eyes and clothes.
Pest: He still looks a bit scary.
Seph: ^_^;

Seph: Anyways, maybe if we change his eyes, he'll look less scary.
Pest: You have a lot of eyes.
Seph: Yeah. *grin*

Seph: Do you want a colour similar to yours? We do have a nice bright pink.
Pest: Erm...
Seph: Bright green then? I haven't managed to get Brig's purple.
Pest: I don't know...
Seph: Okay, I'll try putting on a random pair then.

Seph: Hm...this isn't much better, is it?
Pest: No, it isn't.
Seph: Well, we'll change his eyes again later. Let's change his clothes now.

Seph: Is there anything you like?
Pest: I don't know...
Seph: I'll pick out some pieces then.

Seph: Anything?
Pest: I don't know...
Seph: Vahri, any thing you wanna see on Miraj?
Pest: *looks at Variq*
Variq: *shakes head slowly*

Seph: What about this?
Pest: *shakes head*
Seph: Gosh. You can't even see his eyes at all.
Pest: *pained expression*
Seph: Sorry. We'll bring him out where the light's better as soon as we've changed his clothes.

After quite a while...

Seph: There. ^_^ We're done.
Pest: That took a long time, didn't it?
Seph: Wait till you play with Razkil and the others. It takes forever trying to get them to agree on what their dolls should wear.
Pest: Oh dear.
Seph: Anyways, let's go out and take some pics of Miraj.

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