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So Seph wanted to see just what the new Volks MSD body can do...

Seph: feels so good to have an MSD to dress up.
Errand: You had Khairi before, didn't you?
Seph: It's different.

Seph: I think this is an outfit Kamahn probably wouldn't mind wearing.
Ferrahn: Be sure to tell him the fur wig belongs with the outfit.
Errand: Heh heh.
Seph: =P
Errand: Why didn't you change his wig?
Seph: I couldn't find the one I wanted to see on him. ^_^;
Errand: Clean the room!
Seph: Ya ya.

Seph: Check this out. He has two pointed wedges on the bottom torso that you can use to tilt the top torso forward.
Errand: That's kind of like Khairi.
Seph: Yeah. *grin* He can only bend either to the left or right using the wedges though. But...

Seph: He can bend forward by just pushing his torso down. *_*
Ferrahn: I don't think you've done this with the other shells. Have you?
Seph: The other shells _cannot_ do this. *_* I'm sooo impressed. The MSD's bottom torso is very short, so the top can bend back and forth a lot more. I am not sure if I'll be able to get this position to stay after I tighten his stringing though.
Ferrahn: Don't do anything you can't undo.
Seph: I know.

Seph: Muahaha. He can do this cute Khairi pose too!! ^o^
Ferrahn: So can my shell.
Errand: But we're not taking pictures of you. =P
Seph: *grin* I'm going to try standing him on one foot now.
Errand: Just make sure you can catch him. You don't want his nose to be squashed like Khairi's.
Seph: Yeah. -_-

Seph: Hohohoho~!
Errand: You can't tell from the picture.
Seph: Hold on... Let me move around.

Seph: Darn it looks like he's resting the tip of his toe on the ground.
Ferrahn: Just take a picture of his feet.

Seph: There. That's better.
Errand: Not really.
Seph: Gah. I'll try another pose then.

Seph: What about this? His foot is definitely off the ground.
Errand: *nods*
Ferrahn: Take a picture of his side.

Seph: *grin* I feel so accomplished.
Errand: Razkil's body can't do this.
Seph: *nods* The SD13 bodies are too heavy.
Ferrahn: What about mine?
Seph: I've never tried, but I think yours would be easy to balance too since it's so light.

Seph: All right, now his foot is held upwards.

Seph: Just give him a football and it'll look like he's practising. *grin*
Errand: What do you mean?
Seph: Erm...I'll show you a picture next time.
Ferrahn: Don't tell me you're going to take pictures of Miraj balancing on his other foot now.
Seph: ^_^; You want to see him balancing on his other foot?
Errand: No. Let's go do something else.
Seph: I've got some things to do while waiting for the net to be fixed.
Errand: We'll go play then.
Seph: Okay.

Seph: Hohohoho. You're so cool. ^_^
Draven: You like him more than Khairi.
Seph: Oh hush. *grin* Miraj will look good next to Kamahn's Hewitt.
Draven: Hmph.
Seph: What are you fussing about? You own Miraj as well.

Seph: You like him, don't you?
Draven: *nods*
Seph: Maybe we should have made him yours and given Khairi to me. *grin*
Draven: We can exchange them next time.
Seph: *grin*
Draven: Here's Pest. We'll come for him later.
Seph: Oh, okay.

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