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The new toy finally arrives!

Seph: I'm home.
Razkil: Is Feyn coming?
Seph: Er... No. He said he might come over later. But he's keeping an eye on Kamahn and Khamiel today.
Errand: I know why. It's because Khamiel might get mad about the new toy!
Seph: Well, Feyn isn't all that pleased either. -_-
Draven: He still thinks you should have got Variq a shell first. And he's also angry that you told him to tell Kamahn and Khamiel about this new toy. ^..^
Seph: Well...better him than me... ^_^;
Errand: . . . You're mean.
Seph: It's called being smart. Anyways...

Seph: We really don't have to take pictures of all of you meeting the new toy...
Draven: Of course, we have to! Razkil and Errand welcomed Khairi when we got him.
Razkil: *nods*
Errand: You can't mean to leave us out! We always take pictures when a new shell arrives.
Seph: Well, this isn't exactly a new shell...
Ferrahn: Who cares. Where's the box?
Seph: All right, fine. I can understand all of you wanting pics taken. But did we have to bring Kęsh out too? O_o

Ferrahn: Good question.
Errand: Razkil felt sorry for him, sitting inside by himself.
Silren: Feyn's said we could do whatever we want with Kęsh. So it's all right.
Seph: I wasn't aware we needed Feyn's permission to play with Kęsh. O_o
Errand: We don't. But Silren likes being nice so he asked.
Seph: Er...does that mean I need permission to play with Sakaki if you're going to be not around?
Silren: You don't need permission.
Razkil: You can play with my shell whenever you want.
Errand: *narrows eyes*
Seph: I'm not even considering your mouse. =P
Errand: =P

Ferrahn: So what's this new toy we're all waiting for?
Seph: Ah...
Errand: Don't you know? *smug* It's a new boy like Kamahn's Hewitt.
Ferrahn: . . .
Draven: I told you. It's my present for Seph.
Ferrahn: *snorts* That? I thought she'd got it long ago.
Silren: There was a delay in the shipment.
Razkil: But Seph's got it now.
Errand: Didn't anyone tell you?
Ferrahn: Be quiet, Errand.
Seph: -_- I'm bringing the box...

Seph: Look at his nice box. It's like Kamahn's.
Silren: Is that a picture of the new boy?
Seph: Yeah. Only, like Khairi, he's not painted and will be all in pieces. I'll have to put him together.
Draven: Hurry up and show us the inside.
Seph: Right. *grin*

Seph: There's the inside.

Draven: At least his body parts are correct.
Seph: ^_^;;
Ferrahn: Here's the head.
Errand: What are these colouful things?
Seph: Free hangers from the seller, I guess. *grin*

Ferrahn: Who is using this new boy?
Seph: I'm going to give his body to Kamahn's Hewitt. It's a lot better and Kamahn will be happy about that, I think. But other than that, no one's going to be using him. He's our new toy.
Ferrahn: Another Khairi and Kęsh.
Seph: Yeah.
Errand: At least we can play with this one. Seph said we can.
Seph: *nods* Yeah, you can. ^_^
Ferrahn: I doubt I'll be very interested.
Seph: Oh? You rather liked Khairi.
Ferrahn: Sometimes.
Errand: I like this one! =^_^=
Seph: *grin* Okay, I'm going to give him a faceup now. You guys can do whatever you want. I'll call you when I'm done.
Razkil: Can we watch?
Silren: *nods*
Seph: Well, as long as Errand doesn't distract me with comments. -_-
Errand: I'm going to watch tv!
Seph: All right.

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