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Another usual night. Feyn's staying over. ^_^
And Khairi's back after his long modelling session with Mars.

Razkil: That was a good throw, Errand.
Ferrahn: That was nothing.
Errand: You're just jealous! =P

Seph: You're not doing too well, are you?
Feyn: *shrugs* I'm certain I'll catch up. They can only throw that many sixes per game.
Seph: Good luck. ^_^;

Ferrahn: My turn.
Errand: I bet you're going to throw a one again!
Ferrahn: Shut up, Errand.
Luthien: *chuckles* You do have rather bad luck with the dice, Ferrahn.
Ferrahn: That's why I said we should change dice!
Seph: I'll do that once I can find a better one.
Errand: Get a bigger one. That way when Ferrahn throws a one, you can take a good picture of it!
Seph: *laughs*
Ferrahn: Just you wait, Errand.
Seph: I don't see why you're so happy, Errand. You're doing the worst in the game.
Errand: It's because Razkil and Silren kept throwing ones. But I'm throwing bigger numbers. We'll catch up.
Feyn: That's the spirit, Errand.

Draven: Hey! Look who's back!
Seph: *grin*

Seph: Why the big announcement?
Draven: Because you aren't making a big enough fuss over Khairi's return.

Razkil: Hello, Draven.
Draven: Khairi's back. Did you all miss him?
Razkil: I did.
Draven: I know about you. What about the others?

Ferrahn: My turn.
Errand: No, it's not! Luthien just threw. It's Feyn's turn after him.
Luthien: Just give up, Ferrahn. I'm going to win.
Ferrahn: *hiss*
Draven: . . .
Seph: ^_^; Well, you _did_ interupt their game...

Draven: They're ignoring Khairi!
Seph: What do you expect? They rarely play with him.
Draven: So?

Draven: Hey! Pay attention to Khairi.
Razkil: What's the matter, Draven?
Draven: Play with Khairi!
Seph: ^_^;
Errand: We're already playing a game.
Ferrahn: Yes, so go away.
Draven: *frowns* You, move. *reaches for Luthien*

Luthien: *HISS* Don't touch me.
Evien: *hiss*
Razkil: Draven.
Draven: Move aside.
Seph: -_-

Draven: Hmph!
Seph: Er...

Errand: Hey, we were playing.
Ferrahn: *hiss*
Luthien: Shouldn't you teach that child of yours some manners?
Seph: -_-
Ferrahn: We're quite good at teaching brats some manners.
Seph: Don't touch him.
Luthien: Then take him in hand before we do.
Evien: *hiss*

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