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Feyn, Kamahn and Khamiel are still with us. Apparently, they thought that it would be better if they didn't go back soon. So we had them for a couple days more than expected.

This afternoon, Seph decided to give Khairi's winking face a new faceup. And she had said musingly that the faceup looked like it could be suitable for Khamiel. And, of course, Khamiel happens to overhear and decides that it would do.

Seph: Erm... This isn't really your shell...
Khamiel: You'd said the face suits. I like it. It's mine.
Ferrahn: *hiss* Don't be ridiculous. That's Khairi and he doesn't belong to you.
Errand: *nods quickly*
Khamiel: Well, you can tell Khairi he no longer needs this. This is mine!
Seph: -_-
Feyn: *glares at Seph*
Seph: All I'd said was that it look like it could be suitable...
Razkil: *looks at Seph worriedly* Draven won't like it if Khamiel wants Khairi.
Seph: *sigh* Miel, you're borrowing Khairi for the moment, you hear?
Khamiel: Doesn't he look nice, Kamahn? I bet he looks better than your Hewitt.
Kamahn: Hmph.
Khamiel: Let's take pictures of me!
Ferrahn: *hiss*

Seph: *mutters* I thought he didn't care to play with us?
Feyn: You idiot. He'd been wanting a shell of his own since Kamahn got his Hewitt.
Seph: Well, how was I to know he'd hear me?
Feyn: *narrows eyes* If he wants to visit you often...
Seph: Gods. I hope not. -_-
Feyn: *snorts* I'll have you know I dislike babysitting.
Seph: *sigh*

Khamiel: Hey, Kamahn. Is this all they do?

Seph: You guys don't want to join?
Ferrahn: *hiss*
Errand: I'm going to sit here.
Khamiel: Who needs them. Take more pictures!

Seph: Khairi looks really small , doesn't he?
Khamiel: His name isn't Khairi anymore.
Seph: ^_^;

Ferrahn: All right, that's enough. We're going in. If she wants to play with the brats, let her.
Errand: Let's go, Razkil.
Seph: -_-
Feyn: *sigh* Live and let live?
Ferrahn: *hiss*

Khamiel: They're just jealous.
Ferrahn: Of you? Ha!
Errand: You're playing with Khairi and that's not right!
Khamiel: *hiss*
Errand: Eeeks!
Feyn: *sigh*

Razkil: Ferrahn, Khamiel isn't being mean anymore...
Ferrahn: The brat is just asking for it.
Silren: . . .
Seph: *sigh*

Khamiel: These two belong to me too.
Ferrahn: *hiss*
Kamahn: Miel, stop playing with them.
Khamiel: But ____ would be so proud of me. He said to stay out of trouble and I am. I'm getting along with everyone.
Feyn: *mutters*
Kamahn: *glowers*

Ferrahn: *snarls*
Errand: . . .
Khamiel: Do you want to fight?
Seph: No fighting.
Ferrahn: *snarls* We're going inside. Razkil! Silren!
Razkil: Okay.

Khamiel: I think I like playing here.
Kamahn: . . .
Feyn: *roll eyes* Go on home, you brats.
Khamiel: *shrugs*
Kamahn: Let's go.
Khamiel: No, I want to stay longer.
Feyn: Go.
Khamiel: =P

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