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With Coma-kun

Pest has decided to visit Variq again. The others are not around so Seph decides to entertain them.

Seph: All right. This bear is called Coma-kun.
Pest: He's as big as Miraj.
Seph: His head definitely is a lot bigger. ^_^;
Pest: We'll play with them today?
Seph: Yeaps. Oh, hold on. Lemme bring out Kęsh. I've not played with him in a while.

Seph: Okay. ^_^ Three's always a nice number.
Pest: What should we do?
Seph: Erm... Okay, Coma-kun is a Gloomy bear. Gloomy bears actually eat people.
Pest: *wide eyes*
Seph: Yeah. So, hm... Miraj likes Coma-kun, and he doesn't realise he's dangerous.
Pest: *nods*
Seph: So...

Seph: Kęsh always looks out for Miraj and tries to stop him from being so friendly with Coma-kun.
Pest: That's a good idea.

Seph: So Kęsh tells Miraj that Coma-kun is a very dangerous bear.
Pest: Miraj should listen and stop playing with him. Cos what if Coma-kun eats him?!
Seph: Exactly. That's what Kęsh always tells Miraj.

Pest: *giggles* And Coma-kun doesn't like it when Miraj doesn't play with him.
Seph: *grin* You got that right. Cos Miraj's the only boy who's brave--or stupid enough to.
Pest: Make Miraj a brave boy.
Seph: Right. So Miraj's the only brave boy who dares to play with Coma-kun.

Seph: Now, Miraj doesn't understand why Kęsh always tells him to stay away from Coma-kun. But he knows that Kęsh gets worried and he doesn't like that. But he likes Coma-kun and thinks Coma-kun feels lonely because no one plays with it.
Pest: Poor Miraj. Poor Coma-kun.
Seph: *nods* So one day, when Miraj and Kęsh were in the house, Coma-kun comes looking for his friend.
Pest: And then?
Seph: Well, what do you think should happen?

Pest: Kęsh realises that all Coma-kun wants is a friend! He's not a bear that eats people! People are just scared of his long claws.
Seph: *laughs* All right.
Pest: *beams* So Miraj and Coma-kun become the best of friends!

Pest: The end.
Seph: *laughs*
Pest: That was fun, wasn't it, Variq?
Variq: *nods slightly*
Seph: *smiles at him*

Seph: there anything else we can take pics of?
Pest: *looks at Seph*
Seph: I think I'll change Kęsh's wig and eyes.

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