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Chinese New Year

It's that time of the year again to start spring cleaning and get ready for the lunar new year. Well, okay, so we tend to do our spring cleaning last minute, and this year, we didn't do much cleaning at all. Hahaha. *ahem* But anyways... Pics of the day we all open our doors and receive guests in for food and drink. ^_^

(A walkthrough with Seph.)

This is pretty much the front door. ^_^

Here are the boys greeting you as you walk up...

Well, no, it's not that they aren't happy... Er...

Onto the pics with our guests: Mars (Lisa Dragon), PhoenixLancer and Mars' brother.

*grin* The others (Ferrahn and Errand, mainly) were a bit miffed about the fact that their bodies weren't brought upstairs as well. *laughs* But well, I couldn't be bothered to do it since all they do is stick together anyway. And also, I didn't feel like giving Ferrahn his chance to make his obligatory complain about the fact that Mars likes to move his body around and pose him. *grin*

So it was just our usual obliging Razkil being posed today. ^_^
(Feyn has no say in the matter since he's not around--not that he'd mind, I think.)

Of course, Razkil has to have his picture taken with Rathi, who's also dressed for the occasion. ^_^

There we go: Razkil, Rathi and our dear Kohya Feyn. ^_^

Feyn with a hairstyle courtesy of Phoenix. *grin*

Yes, if Feyn were here, he'd be looking at Rathi and saying, "Not another child."
Considering she's actually 16, she'll probably feel just a bit...pissed off. *laughs*
(Though it'd be interesting to see her insult him--just like our two brats Kamahn and Khamiel do!)

Guest appearance by Illyena. She's a Pullip. ^_^

Razkil with a lil devil plush Mars bought in KL.

Taking pics of the plush straight on was hard cos he's got that huge muzzle,
and his very small eyes are behind the mound. *laughs*

Here's Feyn holding one of my ang pows ('red packets' which contain money!).

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