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Late Afternoon

Taking a look at Khairi-Khamiel.

Seph: Well, I suppose this faceup could do for Khamiel... It looks right with his wig...

Ferrahn: What is Silren's Sakaki doing here with that thing?

Seph: Er... I just wanted to see how the face looked with Khamiel's wig.
Ferrahn: *hiss* But did Sakaki have to be here?
Seph: *sigh* I was going to take pics of everyone...but got distracted with Kha--Khairi here.

Ferrahn: Give the face back to Khairi.
Seph: Well, I'll paint the other face for Khairi. Since this faceup works, I don't really want to remove it and redo it again. ^_^;;
Ferrahn: *hiss*

Ferrahn: I will not allow him to play with Khairi.
Seph: . . .
Ferrahn: So you'd better remove the faceup on Khairi's face _now_ or I'll remove it for you.
Seph: Don't be such a brat. I doubt Khamiel will be interested in Khairi the next time he comes--if he comes again.
Ferrahn: You're not removing it?
Seph: No. And I'm going to tell Razkil he's taking care of this face. So if anything happens to it, it'll be his fault he didn't take care of it properly.
Ferrahn: You wouldn't dare.
Seph: Try me.
Ferrahn: *snarls*
Seph: Just sit down and watch if you wanna hang around.

Seph: Khamiel wasn't so bad when he was with us.
Ferrahn: He's got something up his sleeve and you know it.
Seph: I was trying to think positive.
Ferrahn: The next thing you know, Razkil will probably have his face scratched to shreds.
Seph: . . . he wouldn't do that.
Ferrahn: Then I'd suggest you don't keep your eyes off our shells when he's around.
Seph: . . .
Ferrahn: *snorts*

Ferrahn: If you're going to take pictures, you can take pictures of me with him.
Seph: *raises an eyebrow*
Ferrahn: *purrs*
Seph: . . . all right...

Sepj: Okay. Picture taken.
Ferrahn: Oh? That's it? I've had more pictures in mind.
Seph: Oh, no, you don't. If, like Feyn, you want me to take pics of you strangling Khamiel, you can forget it.
Ferrahn: *hiss*

Ferrahn: And why not? It'd make a good picture.
Seph: No. =P
Ferrahn: *narrows eyes*
Seph: Don't be childish, damn it! You'll have to live with each other eventually.
Ferrahn: It's not of my choosing.
Seph: Then just try to ignore him! You don't have to try to provoke each other.
Ferrahn: Why don't you tell him that?
Seph: *sigh*

Ferrahn: Hm.
Seph: And no! You're not going to mark him in any way!
Ferrahn: You're attempting to keep me from liking this face.
Seph: Leave it alone, Ferrahn.
Ferrahn: I'll tell Razkil you told me to stay away.
Seph: Don't twist my words.
Ferrahn: A scratch will not hurt your work.
Seph: No. If you want to add scratches, Silren's Sakaki is right there.
Ferrahn: Ah...but I'd like to appreciate this face as much.
Seph: *picks up Khairi and leaves*
Ferrahn: *chuckles* Spoilsport.

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