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One Afternoon...

Seph thought to take pictures of a few of the guys...

Seph: You sure Ferrahn said he didn't want to have pics taken?
Errand: That's what he said. And he left.
Seph: Did he say where? O_o
Silren: He'll be back after he's calmed down a bit.
Errand: He didn't like Khamiel very much.
Seph: Well, that's not surprising. I'm just glad he didn't fly at him when he was here.
Errand: *nods* But he wanted to a lot of the time.
Seph: *sigh*
Razkil: Don't worry.
Errand: Take pictures of me!
Seph: Razkil first~!

Seph: *grin* Sakaki's default eyes sure look nice on you. ^_^
Razkil: You won't sell these then?
Seph: Maybe not. ^_^

Seph: You look the same all the time, Errand.
Errand: So?? =P
Seph: Oh hey, Errand. Should we cut the thread sticking out of your hand.
Errand: Don't touch me!!

Razkil: It's quite long, Errand.
Errand: Just leave it alone. It's been like that for quite a while.
Seph: Well, yeah. It has. I was worried that cutting it might make something inside loose. Or something.
Errand: Don't spoil me! I don't want you to cut anything.
Seph: Got it.

Seph: It's rather obvious though... -_-
Errand: No cutting!!
Seph: I didn't hurt your mouse when I cut off its tag the last time.
Errand: I said, no cutting!
Seph: All right. All right.

Errand: Maybe you should remove the seams from Silren's Sakaki or Kamahn's Hewitt instead of worry about my string. =P
Seph: ^_^;;

Luthien: Has the cat finally left home?

Errand: What are you two doing here?
Luthien: Very welcoming, Errand.
Errand: . . .
Luthien: *takes a step forward*
Errand: !! *shuffles back*

Luthien: Hold it.
Errand: !
Luthien: You can stay right where you were.
Errand: . . .

Luthien: We'll be playing with Razkil today. You can sit aside and watch, Errand.
Errand: !!
Seph: What do you mean by play?
Luthien: *murmurs* I don't know. What do you think I mean?
Seph: I honestly don't know...
Luthien: Do you want to play with us, Razkil?
Razkil: Okay.
Seph: Waitaminit!!! You're playing with the shells, that's what you mean, ya? Ya??

Errand: Silren! What will they do?
Silren: I'm sure they won't do anything bad, Errand.
Errand: But but!
Seph: Hey! Don't you dare take Razkil away!

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