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Name: Khairi
Type: Sist - U.noa Quluts
Wig: Default wig
Makeup: by Gentaro Araki

Birthday: 20 August 2003

Personality: Khairi is name of this doll. Khairi was bought as a body for someone with the hopes that he would be a shell for that "soul" now and then. But Khairi's owner decided not to use him as a shell at all. So currently, there is no one in Khairi the doll and we're not sure if anyone will ever move in--if they would be allowed to move in. As such, he's only an empty shell and has no personality save when he's being used. Nevertheless, we're all fond of Khairi.



Name: Miraj Khairil
Sometimes: Kilry
Type: Volks MSD Schulze
Wig: Acquire Sharon in Maroon
Makeup: by SephXIII

Birthday: 06 August 2005

Personality: Miraj is Seph and Draven's newest toy. He was bought for a reason, but that reason never came about. So right now, he's just our newest empty little body. *grin* Because we kind of see Khairi as Draven's exclusive property, Miraj is Seph's. Miraj's special because he's the head Seph would love to own on a big boy one day. Another future toy, yes. Far future. ^_^; Admittedly, Miraj is a bit of a tester, to see if after getting him, Seph will still want a bigger version of him.



Name: Killary Asher
Usually: Kęsh
Type: modified Volks SD13 Kohya
Wig: Acquire Sharon in Orange+White
Makeup: by SephXIII

Birthday: 08 January 2005

Personality: Kęsh is the shell that Feyn is using/playing with while he waits for his F17. When Feyn gets his F17, Kęsh will be another empty shell around the house. Kęsh might be sold in the future when he's no longer required. But something prompted us to give him a proper name after more than six months of calling him by his default Kohya. This will probably affect the decision as to whether he's a keeper or not in the future. Though admittedly, Seph has a rather strong affection for this facemould, and there are still many more faceups it can wear.



Name: Ko-hii Salamander
Type: Cat!Cat!Cat!
Eyes: Green
Wig: N/A
Makeup: N/A

Birthday: XX

Personality: Ko-hii is a cute little cat plush given to us to take care of. He came all the way from Japan with Cassiel's love. *grin* We think he might be related to Cassiel's Newt, hence his surname. He's an adorable (and traumatised-looking) little thing, and Draven likes him a lot so Khairi or Miraj (or anyone else) will inevitably be carrying him around in our pictures.



Name: Draven
Type: owner
Eyes: Everchanging
Wig: Everchanging
Makeup (when using Khairi): by Aisha of Daughters.

Personality: He is temperamental and moody, posessive and easily jealous. Draven is a longtime friend who had decided that he'd like a body to play with. So we bought Khairi just for him to use when he feels like it. Only, Draven decided to treat Khairi as a plaything instead of use him to represent himself the way Razkil and everyone else uses their bodies. When he's playing with Khairi, Draven would have Khairi use this face. He also uses Khairi as a means of interacting with the others.


oops. wrong pic

Name: SephXIII
Type: owner
Skin: Asian yellow
Eyes: Asian dark brown
Makeup: Natural, as in none ^_~
Wig: short asian black hair

Personality: Displays a severe case of dollobs (doll obsession). Is indecisive, protective, obsessive, submissive... Many a times, she's wondered how so many people came to be in her life. But she's grateful for both the joys and pains they've brought and hopes their times together never end.

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