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Khairi is a Sist U-noa Quluts doll designed by Gentaro Araki, which is manufactured by Alchemic Laboratory in Japan. (Yes, I'm going to explain all that--kinda.)

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The "U-noa Quluts" Sist and Lusis dolls are manufactured by Alchemic Laboratory. The "U-noa Quluts" dolls is © Copyright Gentaro Araki. The eyes, and wigs, and clothing on the "U-noa Quluts" might not be made by Alchemic Laboratory, but other respected companies/individuals.

"Khairi" belongs to E.N.O and all pictures on the "Acquired Rapture" website are © Copyright E.N.O. Do not reproduce any part of this website, its text or images, in part or in whole, without permission. (Yes, that means you're not allowed to take or use any of the images on this website.)

Khairi = the name of SephXIII's Sist.
Sist = one of the two types of U-noa Quluts dolls
Lusis = the other type of U-noa Quluts doll
Unoa = the lazy version of "U-noa Quluts"
Alchemic Laboraotry = also, Alchemic Labo, the company in Japan that produces the U-noa Quluts dolls. The official Japanese website is here.

In a nutshell:
The U-noa Quluts is a jointed doll designed by Gentaro Araki and produced by a small company called Alchemic Laboratory. The U-noa Quluts doll is 43cm high and has 13-14 points of articulation. That basically means it is a largish (or smallish, depending on what you're used to) kind of doll that has body parts remniscent of Pinnochio's. You can customise the doll in many ways: change its wig, eyes, facial features, facial paint... What you have is a relatively small doll with a lot of charm and possibilities.

A lil history:
Some time ago, Gentaro Araki designed a 22 inch doll called the Unoss for Volks. He designed two types: Unoss Aika and Unoss Seina. Both are essentially the same doll, but with different outfits and special accessories. These dolls are still produced by Volks.

In the year 2003, Gentaro Araki designed a line of 43cm dolls he called the U-noa Quluts. He designed two types, which he called Sist and Lusis. Both Sist and Lusis have the same body types--only their faces are different. Orders for these Unoa were first accepted for a short time in May and the dolls were completed and shipped in July.

U-noa Quluts:
The U-noa Quluts are different from the Unoss dolls in many ways. They are smaller than the Unoss, and they are produced by different companies. Unlike the Unoss, there are optional parts available for the Unoa. The Unoa also have detachable face plates which makes changing eyes easier. The Unoa also have an eye mechanism like the Unoss (although in a different design) which enables you to give the dolls side glances easily.

The Unoa are usually sold as kits that you assemble and paint yourself. During the first preorder, you could buy an assembled and painted doll, but now the painted assembled versions are usually only obtainable by lottery. The assembled dolls are painted by Gentaro Araki himself and their bodies will be blushed as well. The kits come with a little leaflet with illustrated instructions on how to string your Unoa together, and there is a coloured picture of the already painted face for you to use as a guide, as well as a picture of what areas on the body to blush.

The optional parts for the Unoa are: an optional sleeping face, optional hands, optional feet, an optional big-busted torso and optional kitty ears that come with a fluffy tail.

In mid 2004 or so, Gentarou Araki created three more optional faces: a winking face, a grimacing face and a surprised face (actually, the last two are rather orgasmic expressions. *grin*) These faces were only sold at events.

Gentarou Araki has also created 1/6 versions of the Unoa, called Unoa Light or Unola/Unora. ^_^ He's only released the male Unola at events so far (Dolpa 12).

Buying your U-noa Quluts:
Because the Unoa are made by a small company, and are very popular, the dolls sell out very quickly. In May 2003, you could only order the dolls at the official website during a short period. The website does not accept international orders, and those who wanted an Unoa had to go through a shopping service like Crescent Trading to order theirs. In November 2003, Crescent Trading was allowed to take international orders for the U-noa kits and people were allowed to join the lottery for a painted Sist or Lusis.

There was a preorder in around Jan-Feb 2004, and in November 2004, Alchemic Labo again decided to let Crescent Trading take international orders. ^_^

The dolls are also sold at doll events in Japan. And recently, Alchemic Labo sold limited amounts of white skinned U-noa with horns. And if you were lucky enough to get a painted one, the white-skinned Unoas were painted differently with dark eyeshadow.

If you want to get an Unoa, you will have to wait for the website to start accepting preorders again, or get someone in Japan to purchase one for you during a doll event.

How much does an U-noa Quluts cost?
Sist or Lusis kit = 38,000 yen
Optional sleeping face = 4,000 yen
Optional big bust = 3,500 yen
Optional hands = 2,000 yen
Optional high feeled shoes feet = 2,000 yen
Optional ears and fluffy tail = 1,500 yen
Optional pink ears and fluffy tail = 3,000 yen
Optional long wig = 2,000 yen
Optional short wig = 1,500 yen

Please take note that none of these prices include the 5% Japanese sales tax.

This info page was written by SephXIII from the information gathered from the Alchemic Laboratory website and the Den of Angels forum.

Feel free to ask me any questions not covered on this page and I'll try to answer the best I can. ^_^

For information on the Volks Super Dollfie, please click here.

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