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Name: Viktor
Owner: Jem
Url: By The Oak Tree

Viktor is a Hiroshima (or 3rd) Chris. ^o^

Likes: Reading, drawing, day-dreaming, rainy days & gloomy colours.

Dislikes: Jem, Yellow, Pink & strangers.

Personality: Viktor is a grumpy boy who doesn't know how to express himself, choosing to stay at his cosy little corner reading books than to interact with others. He likes mumbling to himself when he thinks Jem is not looking and always tries to act mature though he is obviously still a child at heart.

Jem: Ok Viktor, what do you want to say to Razkil & friends? *nudge nudge*

Viktor's message to Razkil:

Viktor: Hi.
Jem: ... *flashes yellow cloth* Want a yellow shirt?
Viktor: ... Is your owner as sadistic as mine? Because Jem sure is sadistic & perverted! And her room is yellow!!! Yellow is a horrible colour! Razkil, do you like yellow? I hope not, because yellow is yucky. And so is Jem.
Jem: Is that all you can talk about? *glares*

Viktor's message to Seph:

Viktor: If your house is not yellow, please take me away from Jem. I'll love you to death.
Jem: Yeah, like hell you would.

Seph and Razkil:

Seph: Woo hoo! Viktor the cutie is part of our guest section.
Razkil: Why don't you like yellow, Viktor?
Seph: Maybe it was his box. Too yellow for him and he got a phobia.
Razkil: Oh. I like my box.
Seph: So do I! ^o^
Razkil: Is Viktor going to stay with us?
Seph: Er...I don't think so. Sides, I think he'll miss Jem too much! Hahahahaa!
Razkil: I think Jem will miss him too.

He's supposed to be saying hi, but it looks like he's making the 'I Love You' sign.

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