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Name: Svein Makhul
Owner: Aisha
Website: Daughters

Svein is a repainted Lucas 2nd edition. ^_^

Likes: Teasing Chris, flirting, pretty girls with long legs, playing computer games, hockey, motorcycles.

Dislikes: Brats, nail polish on boys, reading books, postmen, being forced to cosplay, discovering his weak points.

Personality: Svein can be arrogant and agressive sometime but he is nice to the ones he cares about. You'll have a hard time getting along with him at first but he can be a good friend if you try hard. Svein likes walking naked around the house and couldn't care less about the complains he gets because of his behaviour. Well he can be your Average bad boy.

Message to Razkil:

Svein: *stare at Razkil with lazy bored eyes* ........
Aisha: *smack Svein head with a booklet* .. Say something will you?! It's a long distance!
Svein: *rubs head*..ok already! ... YO! I am Svein.. *flirts: wink at seph*
Aisha: ....*sigh*...... I tried... sorry....(^^U

Seph and Razkil:

Seph: Wai! Svein is flirting with me! *hearts*
Razkil: I'm glad Svein doesn't like clothes too.
Seph: I think he just likes to be naked around the house.
Razkil: It's not the same?
Seph: know, I think it _is_ the same! ^_^;

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