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By Asuka (Dreams)

Kida: Asuka... do you think we can send Oliver to Seph and tell her to send Razkil to us?
Asuka: Of course not Kida -_-UU You have very strange ideas -_-UU

Oliver: Are you talking about me? Good things... of course
Asuka: Not really ^^U
Oliver: What are you looking at?

Kida: Something that does not concern you
Asuka: I'll leave you alone ^^U

Oliver: I'm sure you're looking to my photographs ;)
Kida: Of course

Oliver: Who is that boy?
Kida: Razkil *^^*
Oliver: Is he your secret love? I thought you don't like boys...
Kida: I don't like YOU, but not all the boys are like you ^_^

Oliver: You hurt my feelings :P
Kida: ...
Oliver: What will Razkil think of you?

Kida: *look at him with hate*
Oliver: It was a joke... I'm sure you like him a lot. But he's not CLOSE as ME
Kida: Leave me alone

Oliver: Razkil, you need to tell me your secret...
Asuka: I don't think he has a secret, only he's REALLY cute
Oliver: You too? I'm jealous T_T
Asuka: You're cute too :P
Oliver: Yes, I know ;)
Asuka: Indeed THAT is what Razkil would not do ^^U

Seph: *laughs* Poor Oliver. I'm sure in time, Kida will turn her affections to him. *grin*
Don't you think? ^_~

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