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Name: Sariel
Owner: Shadow Arashi
Url: Gentleness

Sariel is a HappyDoll Aidan!

Likes: anything music, animals, sweet food, hugs, having fun practicing with his sword. He enjoys a lot of attention and usually plays it really *really* cool...

Dislikes: being deprived of his music, pain, cold, loneliness

Personality: Sweet almost to a fault and easy going, Sariel get along with everyone. He is gentle, loyal and caring and you can always count on him to help if someone is in trouble. On the other hand he tends to bottle things up inside, as he doesn't like bothering others. He does have a serious side as well but he usually shows his carefree and playful side. I have yet to see him angry or brooding.

Sariel's message to Razkil:

Shadow: Hi Razkil! Aren't you pretty? ^__^
Sariel: ...! *hides behind Shadow*
Shadow: Oh don't worry little one, I'm sure they will love you. Don't be shy. And no one is as pretty as you to me. *hugs Sariel then turns to Seph* Forgive him, he is a bit nervous to meet other people right now.
Sariel: *peek from behind Shadow* er... hi everyone. I'm Sariel, nice to meet you! *blushs but doesn't hide anymore*
Shadow: Here, that wasn't so hard now was it? ^_^
Sariel: No... I hope we can be friends. *smiles*
Shadow: Good! Now let's hope everyone get along! And that Khairi "wake up" soon, it's sad to see him like that.

Seph and Razkil:

Seph: Hi Sariel! ^o^ You're so cute!
Razkil: I hope we can be friends too.
Errand: Hi from me too. =^_^=

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